Kendall Jenner Spotted On A Date After Hendall Pics Leak & Selena Gomez Blabs

Kendall Jenner has been in the headlines for her dating life lately. Ever since Selena Gomez casually admitted that the model is seeing someone, everyone wants to know who she’s dating.

Kendall Jenner has been linked to Harry Styles ever since their New Year’s Eve yacht ride. Most recently, she was linked to R&B singer Chris Brown and footballer Cristiano Ronaldo. Now Jenner has been spotted out and about with another lucky man.

The 20-year-old was photographed was photographed at Future’s concert, located at the Palladium in Hollywood on Friday night. Kendall left the show with a mystery man who was wearing a Mike Tyson jacket and an A’s baseball cap. Meanwhile, Kendall was casually dressed in an oversized white T-Shirt and black leather leggings.

An alleged insider spoke to X17Online about the model’s date with the man. “Kendall doesn’t usually act like this — she was laughing and enjoying her time with this guy.”

Kendall Jenner spotted with mystery man as Selena Gomez reveals secret relationship

— Kendall Jenner (@KendJennerHub) March 20, 2016

Another insider told E! Online that he stayed close to Jenner when they were photographed leaving the venue. They were often seen talking and laughing to each other, and at one point he had his hand on Jenner’s lower back.

Meanwhile, Kendall Jenner and Harry Styles’ St. Bart’s vacation photos have leaked online, and you can see them here. Private and intimate photos of the couple’s romantic yacht vacation were shared on Twitter and various other social media sites over the weekend after the One Direction’s singer’s mother was reportedly hacked. According to Entertainment Tonight, the photos were hacked by a fan named with the Twitter handle @haarrystyles.

The person even tweeted that she had hacked Anne Cox’s phone before Twitter ended up suspending her account for the breach of privacy. Of course, Harry Styles’ mom was not happy to hear about the hacking. Other reports claimed that she deleted her Twitter and Instagram, but she’s still very much alive on Twitter. On Saturday, she took to Twitter to express her frustration in a series of short tweets.

The hacker allegedly broke into Anne Cox’s iCloud account and posted over a dozen photos of Kendall and Harry. The phrase “Anne’s iCloud” trended on Twitter as the intimate photos of the couple featured them cuddling in their swimsuits and dining at a restaurant were quickly circulated. Fans were excited to see the new photos of the couple, but they were upset when they learned how those photos got out.

One wrote: “As much as I love seeing new pictures of Harry, hacking into Anne’s icloud is disgusting and we all need to learn how to respect his privacy!”

Another added: “I will not tweet any of the hacked pictures from Anne’s iCloud. You don’t want people seeing all the pictures on yours so don’t do it to her.”

Many fans called for the mystery hacker to be unveiled. Since he or she has received backlash for leaking the intimate photos of Harry and Kendall cuddling and kissing, the fan has allegedly returned to Twitter under the name @leoslut and shared even more photos before Twitter suspended that account, as well.

The obsession with Kendall Jenner’s love life all started when Selena Gomez revealed to Capital FM’s Roman Kemp that the model’s secretly seeing someone.

“Maybe not for the squad necessarily but boyfriend material is always good…none of them are single just so you know. Taylor is not single, Gigi is not single, neither is Kendall. I am the only single one!”

Kendall herself has yet to comment on the dating rumors. Sources close to the reality star confirmed to E! News that she’s “not dating Harry [Styles] anymore” and is totally “single,” no matter what Selena says.

Maybe she’s just having fun playing the field right now. Earlier this month, Jenner was spotted having dinner with Brown in Paris amid the Fashion Week festivities. Then she was reportedly flirting with Ronaldo on social media. Jenner could be secretly dating around and not taking anything seriously. She has revealed that she doesn’t like to talk about her love life, so we may never know who she’s dating.

[Photo by Victor Boyko/Getty Images for Editorialist]