’60 Days In’ Secrets Revealed: Sheriff Jamey Noel Talks About How Idea Came About And More

The show 60 Days In on A&E is one that viewers just can’t stop talking about right now. This unscripted reality show puts several people in jail that never did anything wrong. They are going in for 60 days in order to try and help figure out what is really going on behind bars.

Entertainment Weekly got the chance to talk to Sheriff Jamey Noel and find out the details on why they decided to do 60 Days In, and how the idea came about for the show.


Sheriff Jamey Noel shared that the jail they are using in 60 Days In was in rough shape. He shared that mothers would admit they were scared their kids would get drugs when they ended up in this jail. 60 Days In was a great way to work on this and change things. They could find out how the drugs were getting in and work to put a stop to it by putting these innocent people in jail for 60 days. Sadly, in the jail you see on 60 Days In, which is the Clark County Jail, you were able to get drugs cheaper and easier on the inside than if you were on the outside.

The jail had this huge problem where nobody wanted to be a snitch. 60 Days In was a way for people to go inside the jail, reveal what was going on, but not be a prisoner who was called a snitch. Because of things that were going on, Sheriff Jamey Noel shared that he had to arrest some of his employees. On a preview for 60 Days In, they showed that some of the drugs are coming in on the trays.


Sheriff Jamye Noel went on to explain that all of the inmates knew the cameras were there, but on 60 Days In, you will notice that sometimes they forget that they are there and just go about doing what they always would do. Of course, the inmates also had no idea that regular citizens were in there with them for 60 days.

Noel also shared a huge spoiler that some people may not make it the entire 60 days, and something might happen that caused a volunteer inmate to leave. Now, viewers can’t wait to see how this goes down.

When asked about preparing for the chance that someone from 60 Days In could be in a fight, Sheriff Jayme Noel shared his thoughts.

“Yeah, they were. They were told that, hey, this is jail. This is what could happen. So, even though it was a low risk they understand that it could happen but they were also briefed, too, that, hey, if you’re in this facility for up to 60 days and you start getting comfortable yourself, it doesn’t give you carte blanche to commit a criminal act yourself.”

As News and Tribune shared, there have already been punches thrown on 60 Days In. DiAundré is not in the program, but he was actually trying to help out Robert, who is one of the guys in the program. These two were talking and becoming friends, and other people in the jail didn’t agree with him doing this, so one guy hit him to prove a point. Because of this, DiAundré was moved out of the area, and Robert lost this one person that was being nice to him. Things are pretty wild in this prison, and it looks like more punches will be thrown this season for sure.

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