WWE Rumors: Huge Update On Eric Young And Bobby Roode Possibly Heading To WWE After Leaving TNA

On Saturday night, two longtime TNA faithfuls and former world champions ended runs that spanned more than a decade. Eric Young and Bobby Roode have been two of the key faces of Impact Wrestling since 2004, and they’ve done just about everything imaginable with the company. It wasn’t exactly known why they ended up leaving TNA, but rumors are starting to fly that it may have something to do with WWE.

At the tapings on Saturday night, Young ended up losing his TNA King of the Mountain Championship in a match to Bram. It had been set up earlier in the night, and then took place for a later airing.

During the tapings, Roode and Beer Money partner James Storm lost the TNA Tag Team Titles in a match to The Decay. Abyss and Crazzy Steve ended up taking the titles off of Beer Money in what was said to be a good match.

After that, it was revealed that both men were officially done with TNA.

It’s not entirely known why they broke off any contract negotiations with TNA or why they didn’t re-sign. Speculation has been running wild that they may head over to WWE, but no confirmation has come whatsoever of that.

Dave Meltzer of The Wrestling Observer Radio is now stating that it may end up being a situation that does have to do with WWE. He states that the departures of Eric Young and Bobby Roode from TNA may indeed be WWE related to some point.

Nobody actually knows where Roode and Young are actually headed. If it is WWE, then it’s all part of a very big secret that no one is revealing any small snippet of information, as Wrestling Inc. reports.

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All day on Sunday, numerous superstars from different promotions have been tweeting and sending their well-wishes to both superstars. It’s obvious that they are simply done and finished with TNA and won’t be heading back.

In October of last year, Bobby Roode’s tag team partner James Storm ended up leaving TNA and appearing in NXT a couple of times. Rumors were swirling that he would sign with WWE, but TNA ended up offering him more money and he re-signed.

That was when Beer Money got back together.

Near the end of January, Austin Aries, another former TNA World Champion, debuted with NXT and it was revealed he had signed with WWE. If Young and Roode were to end up in WWE or NXT, it would simply be two more former TNA world champions jumping ship.

As of now, there is no word on where either man will end up. Neither of their contracts had a no-compete clause so they can start working anywhere immediately. They are both already scheduled for one event in May.

Apparently, Eric Young had been in talks with TNA to negotiate a new contract and re-sign with the company. All of a sudden now, he broke off talks and requested his release. Bobby Roode also requested his release and both were granted what they asked for.

So, neither was released by the company, but they actually asked to be let go. That’s a rather interesting note to think about when wondering if WWE has anything to do with this.

The departures of Bobby Roode and Eric Young are huge losses for TNA and their presence will be felt on Impact Wrestling. The tapings filmed on Saturday night will keep them on TNA television for a couple of months, but don’t be shocked to see them in WWE by the time summer rolls around.

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