‘Luke Cage’ Teaser Trailer Promises It Will Be An Action-Packed Series

Marvel’s Luke Cage teaser trailer is out and unlike in Jessica Jones, comic book fans can expect a lot more action in this series. The trailer shows Luke Cage, played by Mike Colter, faced with a handful of heavily armed villains in what appears to be an underground boxing club. He asks them whether they have heard about him, before comically saying that he’s ‘sick [of] always having to buy new clothes.


This implies that Luke Cage has simply been engaged in several shootouts/fights and given his iron body, the only damage to him comes in the form of having to buy new clothes.

In Marvel’s Jessica Jones, action scenes were limited, with most crimes being implied rather than acted out, thanks to the lead villain’s mind control powers. However, in Luke Cage, we are likely to see a lot more firepower as Cage deals with the prevalent crime in Harlem while still trying to find answers to his condition.


Mike Colter, the lead actor in the series, will be joined by Mahershala Ali from The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1 and 2, and House of Cards, taking the role of Cornell “Cottonmouth” Stokes, a nightclub owner in Harlem involved in illegal operations. Simone Missick will also join the Luke Cage cast, taking the role of Misty Knight, a policewoman keen on implementing justice in Harlem and is also hellbent on learning more about Luke Cage.

Another notable character in Luke Cage will be that of Clare Temple, played by Rosario Dawson. She is a nurse from Hell’s Kitchen and she will be reprising her role from Marvel’s Jessica Jones and Marvel’s Daredevil where she showed concern for special people like Luke Cage.


Her friendship with Cage is expected to have an impact on both their lives. Rob Morgan, who appeared on Marvel’s Daredevil Netflix original series as Turk Barret, will also be featuring on Luke Cage reprising the same role of a mob enforcer and arms dealer.

Luke Cage will also feature Theo Rossi of Sons of Anarchy, taking the role of Shades, while Frank Whaley will play the role of Rafael Scarf, Misty Knight’s police partner. Marvel’s Luke Cage will be a Netflix original series, and it will be aired via the network’s web services on September 30. All the 13 episodes in the series will be released simultaneously.

All the 13 episodes will be available simultaneously, which means that despite Luke Cage having characters who appeared in other Netflix original series, the chances of a crossover are highly unlikely. Marvel’s approach to reprising roles to its superhero characters seems to be a little different from that of DC Comics.


In DC Comics, you have TV Shows like Arrow, The Flash, and Legends of Tomorrow with a good number of crossovers. However, this hasn’t happened so far for Marvel Comics TV shows and looking at the current set up and Marvel’s partnership with Netflix, it’s unlikely to happen in the near future.

Luke Cage is certainly set out to be an action-packed drama, and the show also appears to have landed the best directors, at least for the first two episodes. Paul McGuigan, who directed the action-packed film The Lucky Number Slevin, will direct the first two episodes. He has also directed several episodes of Sherlock, the investigative crime drama series.


Netflix is also expected to air Marvel’s Iron Fist at some point in the near future as the partnership with the comic book giant continues to grow. Luke Cage is the third character out of four that Marvel presented to Netflix. After the airing the fourth series, Iron Fist, Marvel and Netflix will air a superhero miniseries, The Defenders, which mirrors DC Comics’ Legends of Tomorrow.

Anyone with access to the Netflix streaming service will be able to watch Luke Cage in 4HD Ultra on September 30; there is no region restriction.

[Image via Netflix/Marvel]