Little Girl, 2, Suffers Horrifying Burns After Getting Stuck Behind Radiator While Playing

Bella Davey-Lawrence, 2, was playing when she squeezed herself behind a radiator and received horrific burns to her body. The little girl was staying with her father along with her 9-year-old brother and 3-year-old sister at the time of the accident. The two girls were allegedly playing in a bedroom when Bella’s father heard screams coming from the room. He found his daughter wedged between the bed and radiator with burns across her body.

The Daily Mail reports that a horrific accident happened as a father was attempting to dry out the girls’ bedroom following a leak. The father says the room was damp after the leak allowed water into the room so he setup a radiator in the floor to help dry out the room. However, by setting the radiator at the foot of the girls’ bed, he created a safety risk that would cause his 2-year-old daughter, Bella Davey-Lawrence, to receive second-degree burns across 10 percent of her body.

According to a report by the Huffington Post regarding the toddler’s plight, mother Natasha Davey says that she will never forget the horrifying moment she received the call from her ex regarding her daughter’s burns. Natasha says that the children were with their father when she looked at her phone and noticed she had 10 missed calls.

“My kids, Curtis, [nine], Rebecca, [three], and Bella had all gone round to their dads’ houses for the weekend and I was at my boyfriend’s. I woke up to find ten missed calls from my girls’ dad saying Bella had been burned and I needed to get round there. I didn’t want to believe it.”

She says that they do not fully know exactly what happened in the bedroom when Bella got burned as her two daughters were playing alone in the room at the time of the accident. However, she notes that the father had placed the radiator at the foot of the bed in order to dry out the room from a leak. The two girls went into the room to play and shut the door behind them while the father was in the kitchen. It wasn’t until he heard screaming that he knew something was wrong.

Upon entering the bedroom, the father found 2-year-old Bella wedged between the radiator and the bed with the heating unit burning her body. After removing her from the radiator, the father called for medical help. By the time Natasha arrived, four paramedics were surrounding her daughter and she was wrapped in a towel. Natasha immediately entered the medic-helicopter with her daughter strapped to her lap.

“Bella was in a towel so I didn’t get to see her burns. I had no idea what had happened and there was no time to ask. We were walked to a helicopter. I was strapped to a stretcher and Bella was strapped to me.”

Natasha says it was difficult because she didn’t know the answer to questions the doctors were asking because she wasn’t present at the time of the accident. Ultimately, little Bella required numerous skin grafts in which doctors took skin from her thigh and applied it to the burned areas. Natasha says she is grateful for the doctors who provided care for her daughter and is trying to raise money for the Bristol Children’s Hospital as a way to say thank you to those who treated her daughter for her burns.

“As an adult, it was hard being on the children’s’ burns ward. I saw children not as bad as Bella, and a lot worse. The screaming you hear from them while doctors and nurses are seeing them was horrific. How the doctors and nurses go in every day and cope was beyond me. They looked after Bella and I, and I wanted to give something back to them to say thank you.”

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