Kevin Rose Finally Breaks Silence On Reddit AMA: Talks New Digg, Regrets [Video]

Kevin Rose has finally come out to answer Reddit users’ questions from an original prompt on his AMA. In a series of YouTube videos, he tackles his biggest Digg regrets, thoughts on the new Digg, and more.

Kevin Rose kicked-off a Reddit AMA on Tuesday, but failed to answer any user questions, much to the chagrin of Redditers and tech media blog sites. Users posted earnest questions like “What is your biggest regret with Digg?” only to be answered with silence on the part of Rose, which showed an increase in displeasure and patience in the comments.

“Are you going to answer any of these questions?” asked one user, with another quipping “Do you understand how AMAs work?” and writing “Worst. AMA. Ever.”

After a couple of bizarre tweets regarding the AMA, including one where Rose said that he was on Alcatraz Island, Rose insisted that the AMA wasn’t necessarily meant to be a Q&A-style back-and-forth. Rose was instead waiting for the best question to surface while attending a birthday party. He told TechCrunch specifically that he “was waiting for them to get voted up and then had a birthday party to attend, I’ll get to them later today!”

So don’t lose heart, Kevin Rose has finally answered five questions submitted on the AMA – questioned voted to the top that are on the burning minds of his users. Specifically, he answers questions regarding his biggest Digg regrets, thoughts on Google, future episodes of Diggnation, the “headphones photo,” and finally, his feelings on the new Digg.

Here are Kevin Rose’s video responses to the Reddit AMA he started last night:

Biggest Digg regrets:

Thoughts on Google:

Another episode of Diggnation?

How Kevin Rose feels about the headphones photo:

The new Digg: