Blake Shelton Goes ‘Overboard’ With Love For Gwen Stefani, Targets Tabloid’s Miranda Lambert Cheating & Booze Tale

Country music king and queen Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert seemed to have the perfect marriage until news broke that they were divorcing. With some tabloids taking that news and turning it into headlines proclaiming that Miranda had been the victim of cheating from a husband allegedly addicted to alcohol, now the country crooner is fighting back with a lawsuit. As for juicy details of his divorce from Lambert? Don’t look for them in Blake’s upcoming album, according to the country superstar.

The tabloid targeted by Shelton’s lawsuit is In Touch Weekly, which described Miranda’s ex as battling his demons by drinking, resulting in a need to go to rehab, reported Billboard. Bauer Publishing sought to challenge his defamation lawsuit with the anti-SLAPP statute that is designed to protect the First Amendment in matters that are classified as in the public interest.

In response, Blake’s lawyer Larry Stein challenged that view by pointing out that someone’s health should not be put in that classification.

Blake Shelton targets tabloids. Blake Shelton targets tabloids. [Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images for Stagecoach]“[A] celebrity’s private medical condition is not an issue of public interest,” responded Stein.

The issue is determining the implications of the “Real Story: REHAB for Blake” article, which Bauer insists clarified that Shelton did not go to rehab or heed those urging him to head there. In contrast, Stein contends that the details of the tabloid’s article about Blake’s “rock bottom,” including the alleged alcohol abuse and “womanizing” that supposedly resulted in the crumbling of his marriage to Miranda, constitute defamation.

The $2 million lawsuit challenging the InTouch Weekly tale claims both false invasion of privacy and defamation, according to ET.

“Not only was I not in rehab or headed to rehab when it was published, but I also do not have a drinking problem,” said Blake in a declaration.

“I do not drink excessively, binge drink, or have a drinking problem. I do not, as the Rehab Story alleges, drink vodka before 11:00 a.m. I am never drunk, intoxicated, or unable to perform my job on The Voice or elsewhere.”

Shelton also denied slurring his words when he drink alcoholic beverages, while slamming claims that his relationship with Lambert fell apart because of his infidelity. The claims that he challenged included a report that Miranda caught him with “naked women” in their house, and also that Lambert pleaded with him to head to rehab.

“Ms. Lambert did not tape me while drinking and then show me a video of myself the following day. During our marriage, Ms. Lambert never begged, demanded, or asked me to go to rehab…I did not handle my first divorce by drinking, nor has my drinking increased or escalated since my divorce from Ms. Lambert,” Shelton added.

As for those hoping that the “juicy” details of what really caused Blake’s divorce to Miranda will emerge in his album, don’t count on it, reported People.

Ironically, the title of that album is If I’m Honest, but it’s not the details of his divorce from Lambert about whom Shelton is being honest, apparently.

“It’s not like there’s all these juicy details [about Miranda in the record],” cautioned the 39-year-old country crooner.

However, Blake pointed out that the nature of country music is to tell an emotional story, and the feelings he experienced during his divorce to Lambert did help fuel his creativity for the new album.

“But [country music] lends itself to emotions and things that you go through when you go through a divorce and, more so, the getting over [Miranda] and moving on and finding someone else,” added Shelton.

The country superstar also emphasized that he is “super, super proud of” his new songs. And Blake has developed a positive attitude about the emotional pain he experienced in splitting from Miranda, pointing out that because of his creativity, he has the ability to take what he experienced during his divorce from and pouring it into his songs.

“I’m a country singer, and I at least get to take all that and put it into music,” he added.

Gwen Stefani gets love from Blake Shelton. Gwen Stefani gets love from Blake Shelton. [Photo by Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images]As for how Shelton’s new romance with Gwen Stefani has changed his life? Anyone following the lovebirds on social media can attest to their happiness and the way they support each other.

Her cute response to her “cowboy” showed their fondness for flirty fun.

As for Shelton’s enthusiasm for his girlfriend’s music and his love for her, he admitted he’s gone “overboard,” sharing a photo of the five albums he proudly purchased.

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