Gwen Stefani Holding Back About Real Reason For Divorce: ‘If I Could, I Would Just Tell You Everything’

Gwen Stefani is undoubtedly still suffering from her recent divorce from her ex-husband Gavin Rossdale, to whom whom she was happily married to for almost 13 years. According to People, the singer’s ex-husband was rumored to be having an affair with the nanny of her three children Kingston, Zuma, and Apollo.

Gwen Stefani told the New York Times about what the details of her divorce are like.

“If I could, I would just tell you everything, and you would just be in shock. It’s a really good, juicy story.”

She spoke about how the writing process slowly helped her heal.

“Being in that room and being creative, it was the only place that felt good – I was like, I love the smell of this room. It’s almost like one of those movies where they discover they have magic. When I was able to write a song, that’s when I found my whole self.”

Channeling her pain into music, Gwen Stefani released her new solo album entitled This Is What The Truth Feels Like on March 18. Doing away with the pop punk sound that the singer has been known for, creating hits like “Hollaback Girl” and “Luxurious,” Gwen Stafani moved onto a more personal turn that longtime fans have warmly received. As reported by the Huffington Post, The first single off the new album is the ballad “Used To Love You” which takes a giant leap into new territory because this one’s going to be a heartbreaker.

Not everything is about the breakup, however, because the third single is about the new found flame that Gwen developed in the new phase of her life. The title of the third single is “Misery.” It might seem like it’s not a happy one, but the upbeat on the track synths beg to differ.

Gwen Stefani spoke to Entertainment Weekly about on how the writing process went for her new album.

“I’ve never had a record that’s been about happiness, so that feels really good and different. And I’ve never had records come out while it’s going on.”

Things seem to be looking bright for Gwen Stefani’s future. Putting the new album aside, the “Hollaback Girl” singer seems to have been getting a little extra attention from The Voice fellow coach and newfound flame, Blake Shelton. Blake helped Gwen cope with the situation at its worst and is helping her get back up on her feet. The pair has been seen together in the recent Vanity Fair Oscar Party just last month, and things have been heating up between the two ever since.

Why has Shelton been able to support and understand Gwen Stafani as much as he has been? Because he recently went through a similar situation with his former wife, Miranda Lambert.

Gwen Stefani spoke about how her and Blake’s situation were similar.

“[Blake] had been going through literally the exact same thing in literally the exact same time frame. Never in my wildest, craziest dreams would I ever have seen this coming.”

According to Us Weekly, the couple is looking to release a duet together on Blake’s new album which is slated for release this spring. Surprised about the romance at first, the couple received an immediate “I want you” from fellow Voice coach Pharrell Williams.

Pharrell Williams spoke on how the dynamic of the couple is after seeing what they’ve gone through.

“It’s so beautiful because being there, I watched both of them go through a lot, you know. You hate to see your friends go through something so heavy, and it’s kind of like a miracle, man — just watching that.”

Despite her growing infatuation with Blake, Gwen still wants to take each day as it is. The singer is still picking herself up over what happened, but things are looking to get a lot easier because she won’t be alone. The year 2016 looks to be an exciting one for not only Gwen Stefani’s life, but Blake Shelton’s too.

[Photo by Robin Marchant/Getty Images]