Pamela Smart, Gregg Smart: Sizzling Sex Affair Between Teacher, Teen Student On Reelz' 'Murder Made Me Famous' Tonight

Pamela Smart, the Winnacunnet High School teacher who allegedly had her teen lover shoot her newlywed husband, Gregg Smart, to death in their New Hampshire home, will be the next crime story to air on Reelz' Murder Made Me Famous, a documentary show that first aired in 2015.

Murder Made Me Famous focuses on crime stories that riveted the public, making the killer as famous as any Hollywood star. In the season premiere of tonight's episode, Reelz viewers will learn the story of Pamela Wojas Smart, a beautiful teacher who had a sexual affair with one of her high school students -- a student who was later arrested for the murder of her husband. The crime will be a recreated account of what happened that fateful night. The murder has been the subject of books, magazines, and documentaries. It also inspired the TV movie Murder In New Hampshire: The Pamela Wojas Smart Story, starring Helen Hunt, and To Die For, starring Nicole Kidman, according to People.


In May, 1990, Pamela Smart was a pretty blonde teacher with a respectable career ahead of her. Today, she is an aging inmate serving time at a maximum security prison where she is serving out a life sentence for the murder of her husband, Gregg Smart. She swears she had nothing to do with it. But, the prosecution put out compelling evidence all those years ago that led to her conviction. Gregg Smart was found dead in the doorway of his Derry, New Hampshire, home with a bullet hole to the head.

Gregg and Pamela Smart had the perfect wedding and seemed hopelessly in love. While she worked as a teacher, he made money in insurance sales. But, making the sale wasn't the only thing that interested Gregg Smart. According to Pam, he also had an affair with another beautiful woman -- an act that enraged and hurt Pam Smart to the core. She wanted revenge in the worst way, and what better way to get back at her husband than to have an affair of her own.


Sources say Pam Smart taught lessons in class by day, but taught lessons in sex by night with a young student named Billy Flynn, a 15-year-old who was willing to do anything for Mrs. Smart. She was dubbed the Ice Princess in the media, but she really heated things up in the bedroom with her teen lover. They say she mesmerized him, often dressing her gorgeous body in the most tempting lingerie; she wanted to make sure their sex life sizzled. And it did. It really did. In fact, Billy Flynn had fallen so head-over-heels for the sexy teacher that he was eager and willing to go to Smart's home and shoot Gregg Smart dead, along with two other accomplices, according to the New York Post.

"[William 'Billy' Flynn] and 17-year-old Randall entered the Smarts' Derry condominium and forced Gregg Smart to his knees in the foyer. As Randall restrained him with a knife to his throat, Flynn fired a hollow-point bullet into his head."
When school officials and the media got word of the growing scandal, it became international news, thrusting the guilty-looking teacher in the spotlight and making her a household name for decades to come. As for Billy Flynn, he was freed on parole after serving 25 years in prison.


Don't miss this provocative story tonight on Reelz at 10 p.m. ET. Afterwards, tune in for the follow-up program Pamela Smart Confessions. Inquisitr reported on several previous episodes of Murder Made Me Famous, including the stories of Drew Peterson, Jodi Arias, and the Scott and Laci Peterson case.

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