‘The Walking Dead’ Spoilers: Is Daryl Dixon To Blame For A Shocking Death In Season 6, Episode 14 ‘Twice As Far’?

With just three more episodes until the end of season 6 on The Walking Dead, the action is heating up. Negan is angry at Rick and his group of survivors in Alexandria for killing his Saviors in two different confrontations now. The Saviors’ leader will be getting revenge in the finale, but first, it looks like a certain death rumored for season 6, episode 14 “Twice As Far” might have happened because of Daryl Dixon.

Dwight stole Daryl’s motorcycle and his crossbow, making the already surly character upset and ready for revenge. It was a given when Dwight grabbed the crossbow in season 6, episode 6, by double crossing him and taking off with the goods that Daryl would be on a mission to get back his treasured belongings. Daryl just doesn’t feel the same to TWD fans without his crossbow and it’s high time that he get it back.

It turns out that will be happening on season 6, episode 14 “Twice As Far” that airs on Sunday. The problem is, during the tussle with Dwight and a group of Saviors, Denise ends up getting killed. It turns out that Tara’s girlfriend is getting the death originally intended for Abraham when she gets shot through the eye with an arrow while out on a mission to find medicine with Daryl and Rosita.

When they encounter Dwight and the rest of the Saviors, Daryl isn’t going anywhere without his stuff. He already was outsmarted by Negan’s lackey once and it wasn’t about to happen again. It’s unclear exactly how the fight broke out between Daryl, Rosita, and Denise and the group of Saviors led by Dwight, but the result was bittersweet. From the spoilers available for the next episode of The Walking Dead, it looks like Denise’s death happens because Daryl wanted to chase after Dwight.

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While the actual events are completely spelled out, The Spoiling Dead Fans reported that Denise is going to get shot through the skull with an arrow. They don’t say outright that Dwight is responsible and from what we’ve heard, we may not even see him actually do it on TWD on Sunday. Instead, there is talk of a “mysterious figure” that plays a key part in this whole scene. Daryl and Dwight were the ones who used a crossbow, though, so it’s safe to assume that Dwight is responsible for Denise’s death just like he was responsible for putting an arrow through Abraham’s eye in the comic books.

Dwight is seen in “Twice As Far” despite reports that he wasn’t seen prior to Denise getting shot. When Dwight makes his entrance, it’s worth noting that his face is badly disfigured and that is something new since the last time he was seen on The Walking Dead. It looks like the AMC series is staying true to the comic books in terms of Negan’s character. In the comics, Negan uses a hot iron to scald the faces of the Saviors who would break his rules.

It’s unclear what Dwight did to upset Negan. In the comic books, the iron brand to the face was used when one of his men was caught “cheating” with one of Negan’s wives. That’s right, Negan has multiple wives and most of them are the former girlfriends and wives of other Saviors in his group. When one of them was caught cheating, he was branded by having a hot iron held to his face while the rest of the group watched.

It looks like both Daryl and Dwight will survive the next episode. If the AMC series stays true to the comic books with Dwight’s storyline, he will end up running the Saviors when Negan is captured. Don’t get too excited about that happening soon, though. Rick and his group of survivors chase Negan and battle with the Saviors for quite some time before anything happens to Negan. Maybe showrunners are saving that for some point in season 7 or maybe even season 8.

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