‘RHOP’ Cast Films Reunion, Bravo Releases Seating Chart

The cast of The Real Housewives of Potomac filmed their first reunion show on Friday. The official seating chart that Bravo released shows that placed to the left of Andy, from furthest to closest to him, were Charrisse Jordan, Katie Rost and Karen Huger. Placed on the opposite couch, from furthest to closest to Andy, were Ashley Darby, Robyn Dixon and Gizelle Bryant.


Gizelle Bryant shared some photos of the set and seating chart. For the reunion set, production went with a pastel color scheme of white, pink, purple, and light blue.

Katie Rost posted a photo of herself before filming began to share her makeup look for her reunion. She went with glowing skin, smokey eyes and nude lips. The photo shows her with her hair pulled back in a tight bun.

Karen Huger revealed that the reunion took place in New York City.

Karen wasn’t pleased that the limo picked her up and dropped her off at the airport with two hours to spare. She posted a video of herself complaining about doing the waiting game at the airport.

How did Karen, the “game dame of Potomac,” handle her first reunion? The day after filming, she used her favorite saying, “people come for me all the time, they just don’t find me,” as her hashtag. If that’s any indication, she didn’t let the other women’s criticisms of her get to her.

Robyn Dixon apparently didn’t hold back, nor did her co-stars. She shared that “nothing was left unsaid.”

What did the women talk about during the reunion show? Major storylines for the first season of The Real Housewives of Potomac include Charrisse Jordan’s marital problems, Katie’s mission to get her boyfriend to marry her, Robyn’s past financial difficulties and confusing relationship with her ex-husband, and Ashley’s attempts to be accepted by the group and the surprise appearance of her husband during the women’s Delaware trip. There is also Katie’s feud with Gizelle over Gizelle making fun of her and Karen’s drama with several of the women due to her constant etiquette lessons.

A preview for Sunday night’s episode shows Karen and Ashley in a tense argument over Ashley’s husband showing up to the girls’ trip. Another preview shows Karen’s husband, Ray, whom she calls the “black Bill Gates,” criticizing Ashley’s husband, Michael, for his surprise appearance in his own vacation home. Ray didn’t like that Michael could have seen his wife in “skimpy outfits” during the girls’ trip.

The show has apparently been renewed for a second season. Charrisse recently retweeted a tweet that celebrated the news.


In late February, The Washington Post reported that The Real Housewives of Potomac, which premiered with the highest ratings in the franchise, grabbing 2.54 million viewers overall, is set to return for a second season. Yet it may not return with the same cast. The reporter wrote that the production team are open to bringing new faces onto the show and are already calling around and asking for recommendations on possible new cast members.

The reporter pointed out that while it’s unclear whether the production team is looking for other women to replace some of the existing cast members or simply to augment the current cast as “friends” of the housewives, the franchise routinely drops “boring” housewives who don’t bring the drama. The reporter’s opinion is that Gizelle Bryant, Karen Huger and Ashley Darby are likely safe, while Charrisse Jordan, Katie Rost and Robyn Dixon may be in trouble. Supporting the opinion that Gizelle and Karen are considered two of the show’s breakout stars is the fact that both appeared on Andy Cohen’s talk show Watch What Happens Live during the early stage of the show’s premiere season. Ashley is appearing on Andy’s talk show on Sunday, March 20.

[Photo by Angela Weiss/Getty Images]