'Suits' Season 6 Episode 1 Spoilers: Rachel Pregnant With Mike's Baby, Logan Sanders Return?

Only a couple of weeks after the season finale of Suits Season 5 aired and the internet is already buzzing with excitement on what to expect come Season 6. Fans of the series are starting to wonder if Mike (Patrick J. Adams) and Rachel (Meghan Markle) will still be together after he has served his time in prison.

According to Christian Today, fans over at Twitter have started to discuss the possible twist in Suits Season 6, using the hashtag #SuitsPredictions. They speculated that Rachel may end up getting pregnant, which will definitely put her in a difficult situation. With Mike in prison, her career in Pearson Specter Litt, and law school, one can only imagine how being a single mother could affect her.

Meanwhile, in an interview with Yahoo TV, Suits creator Aaron Korsh revealed that the sex scene between Mike and Rachel in the finale is not in the original draft.

Markle said that the intimate scene in the Suits Season 5 finale was meant to remind the audience of Mike and Rachel's undeniable chemistry and connection, which they haven't seen since the second season. With all that they have gone through, the actress said that Mike and Rachel definitely earned that moment.

"Everything that Rachel is feeling, with every emotion right at the surface, is so vulnerable. We kept saying it's almost animalistic — she yearns for him in that capacity," she explained.

Patrick J. Adams added that the sex scene was such a pivotal moment for Mike and Rachel in the entire Suits series. He shared that while it had been uncomfortable, since in real life they treat each other as brother and sister, they felt that it was more intimate than anything they have ever done in the past.

Because of the impact of that scene, it did not come as a surprise that many fans are starting to believe that Rachel is going to end up pregnant in Suits Season 6. When asked about the possibility of having a baby with Patrick's character, Meghan simply said "everything is completely on the table."

In the event that this happens, her father, Robert Zane (Wendell Pierce) will obviously be less than thrilled to have an out of wedlock grandchild.

In the Suits Season 5 finale, Mike decided to call off the wedding. Adams admitted that while Mike and Rachel have so much love for each other, it was probably the best for the two characters. He pointed out that Mike letting Rachel go and live her life was an even more profound declaration of love, much more than just having a "sad wedding."
"I think if it had been a wedding, it would have just been this really sad wedding. It's like, 'Oh, we're getting married, and now I'm leaving.'"
Aaron Korsh also admitted that they decided against Mike and Rachel tying the knot to make more Suits Season 6 more exciting. By not marrying Rachel, it's almost as if Mike is allowing Rachel to go on with her life and explore her options. While everyone is expecting her to remain faithful, Markle hinted that it may not be such an easy task to do. Will she cheat on Mike when Suits return?
"Don't you think Logan is going to come knocking? He's going to go, 'Wait a minute… He's locked up? I'm back.' You never know."
Markle added that not being tied up to Mike for two years will definitely open up a lot of doors for Rachel. The actress also hoped that fans will get to see more of her than just being Mike's girlfriend.

Now that Mike's secret is finally out and they have dealt with the repercussions of his actions, Meghan was hoping that Suits Season 6 will be much lighter compared to the last season. She admitted that she was left depleted and dehydrated from crying all the time.

"I hope that in the rebuilding, that even though the stakes are just as high, we start to find a little bit more of the lightness and humor woven in."
Suits Season 6 is set to premiere late later this year. Watch the official promo below:

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