Wesley Snipes Turns 50, Gets Prison Visit From Spike Lee

Wesley Snipes, otherwise known as Inmate 43355-018, turned 50 on July 31, 2012, which means he spent his landmark birthday celebration behind bars. In case you haven’t been keeping up with the trials and tribulations of the “Passenger 57” star, Snipes was convicted of three misdemeanor courts of failing to file tax returns in 2008. As a result, the actor book himself a lengthy visit to McKeaon Federal Correctional Institution in Pennsylvania, where he will spend his days and nights until next summer. July 19, 2013, to be exact.

In order to help liven the festivities a bit, Snipes received a visit from his pal Spike Lee, who cast the “Blade” alumnus in both “Mo’ Better Blues” and the controversial romance “Jungle Fever”. According to The Celebrity Cafe, Lee claims the actor is ready to return to Hollywood as soon as his stay at the minimum security prison comes to an end.

“Yesterday I went to Pennsylvania to spend two great hours with my man Wesley Snipes,” Lee wrote in a recent Twitter post. “Mr. Snipes is in great shape, mentally, physically and spiritually. We laughed and joked for the whole two-hour visit. He said when he gets out — ‘It’s on.’”

Although it’s clear that Wesley is ready to jump back into the game he left behind, his disdain for the inner workings of the industry are well-documented. The Hollywood Reporter recently got their hands on a transcript from lawyer Bryan Freedman’s interrogation of Snipes following a dispute with United Talent Agency over unpaid commissions. During their conversation, Wesley claims that agents are pimps and actors, their hos.

“A pimp will lay claim to whatever the ho produces anywhere on the planet for as long as she’s a ho. And then, even after she retires from being a ho, they’re still gonna make the claim,” Snipes explained. “Now, whether they actually do anything or not to deserve it is a whole ‘nother issue. That’s kind of my experience with the talent agencies — if they receive the phone call, if your name has been a part of their roster, if they receive a piece of mail, then as far as they’re concerned, they are entitled to commission.” Ouch.

Are you a fan of Wesley Snipes? If so, are you ready for him to get back to work? Here’s hoping a proper conclusion to the “Blade” franchise will be in the works.