Louis Tomlinson As Likely To Marry The Easter Bunny As Danielle Campbell

It seems that Louis Tomlinson is getting a break from the negative stories that he has been the subject of over the past few months. Claims have emerged that One Direction star Tomlinson is set to marry Originals actress Danielle Campbell, who he has been rumored to be dating since December. Of course, if you believe that Tomlinson is set to marry Campbell, you probably believe in Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny, and the tooth fairy. Barely a day passes without some bizarre claim emerging about Tomlinson, and there is no reason to believe that this story about Louis is any different.

Earlier this week, it was reported in The Inquisitr that Louis had been subjected to scurrilous attacks in some sections of the media. Tomlinson was accused of neglecting his baby on the basis that he had been spotted partying in a number of L.A. nightclubs. Of course, the claim that Louis was neglecting his son did not have so much as a passing acquaintance with the truth; at present, Tomlinson does not have night time access to his son under temporary custody arrangements.

Yesterday, the Daily Mirror broke a “huge” news story about Tomlinson. The U.K. tabloid “unearthed” photographs of Louis that showed him pretending to punch a toy doll and drinking a can of beer. Tomlinson was accused of drinking under-age, a claim that is totally untrue; U.K. alcohol laws apply only to “licensed premises” and Louis was clearly in a private house.

In some ways, the claims that Tomlinson is set to marry Campbell is a refreshing change, at least the story doesn’t attack Louis or attempt to show him in a bad light. The chances are, however, that the story is total trash. The claim that Louis wants to marry Danielle seems to have originated from Life & Style magazine. The magazine claims an exclusive from a source close to Tomlinson.

“Louis wants to prove to Danielle that he’s serious. They want to get married on his estate in a small ceremony. They want to tie the knot soon and have a huge wedding celebration later, once all the child custody issues are solidified.”

“She’s awesome with Freddie and has been a rock for Louis through everything.”

The reliability of the so-called source must be questioned. It claims that Danielle is “awesome” with Tomlinson’s son Freddie. As reported by OK! magazine, and as any fan of Louis’ will know, it is believed that Campbell is expressly forbidden from having contact with the child under the temporary custody arrangements.

“Among the provisions negotiated, Danielle has been reportedly forbidden from spending any time with the tot, after Briana feared the bonding period between mum and son would be interrupted by the presence of another woman.”

The Daily Mail has been an extremely reliable source for stories about Tomlinson in recent months. Amongst other reports, the U.K. tabloid brought us the earth-shattering news that Louis drank coffee, went to a grocery store, and smoked a cigarette outside Starbucks. Today, the Mail rocks our world by telling us that Danielle drank a coffee while she waited for Louis, how decadent.

Bitbag gets in on the act by explaining why Louis has decided to get married, somewhat confusingly it appears to be, because he can’t stop hitting on other women.

“Tomlinson flirts with other girls which makes Danielle sad and she has told him to stop such things. Louis loves her a lot. But flirting with other women has become a habit for him.”

“Louis knows he should resist flirting, but he’s been so used to having his pick of women. He’s happy with Dan, but can’t help flirting with other girls, especially when other parts of his life are so stressful. When Louis is stressed out, sometimes all he wants to do is go out with his friends and chat to girls.”

There you have it, Louis Tomlinson wants to get married because he can’t stop flirting with other women. What a totally bizarre claim. The fact is that there is absolutely no evidence to suggest that Tomlinson intends to marry Campbell. Louis is about as likely to marry the Easter Bunny.

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