Josh Duggar's Family Avoids Him Post Sex Rehab, Wife Anna Duggar Hires Therapist To Save Marriage

19 Kids and Counting star Josh Duggar is reportedly getting the silent treatment from his family after leaving rehab on March 10. While his wife Anna Duggar claimed that she has forgiven her husband after the scandal, his own family members allegedly did not want anything to do with him.

According to Hollywood Life, Josh is starting to feel "depressed." He may have completed his residential rehabilitation program for addiction to sex and pornography, but his family members reportedly continued to ignore him.

"He feels horribly guilty about everything he has done to his family, and so he does not want to be seen right now. What's worse is that no one wants to visit him. He is being shunned by his big family."
The insider further claimed that Josh Duggar has started to go into hiding after his scandal. It was said that he is not dealing well with life after rehab. His wife Anna Duggar may have decided to stand with him through it all, but his other family members may not be as forgiving.In 2015, Josh admitted that he has molested five underage girls as a teenager, including some of his female siblings, one of which is only 5 years old at that time. He also confessed to cheating on his wife Anna Duggar and his addiction to pornography.

According to In Touch Weekly, some of the Duggar family members were not convinced that the 19 Kids and Counting star has changed his ways.

"There are people in the extended family who definitely won't bring their children near Josh. Who would want their kids around him after all he's done?"
While some of the Duggars have publicly expressed their support for John, some reportedly felt that he is "still a danger" to young girls. They held that they will not be able to trust him after what he has done.

In the premiere episode of Jill & Jessa: Counting On, spinoff to 19 Kids and Counting, John David Duggar, admitted that his relationship with his older brother Josh changed after the scandal. While he still cared for him, he explained that things were just not the way they used to be.

"I still love my brother and I still talk to him on a regular basis but things have definitely changed some within [our] relationship."
While some of the fans were eager to know more about Josh Duggar's condition, the reality star will not be part of Jill & Jessa: Counting On. According to Starpulse, TLC has already issued a statement confirming that he will not be appearing in the spinoff. For the time being, Josh would have to concentrate on their family business, in which they remodel houses, as well as buy and restore used cars.
Josh Duggar and his wife Anna will also use this time away from the limelight to work on their marriage. An insider told Hollywood Life that the couple has already started going to therapy. It was said that Josh and Anna hired professionals in an attempt to heal their "damaged" relationship.
"The couple are seeking the help of a therapist because they need more than spiritual guidance if they have a shot at keeping their marriage together."
While Anna Duggar tries to maintain a calm facade in public, the insider claimed that Josh's wife is still struggling. It was said that she is still not over Josh cheating on her and molesting his sisters. It will reportedly take a lot of time before their relationship goes back to the way it was before.

"She needs lots of professional help to go along with all the praying she has been doing in order to keep her family together," the source said.

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