Aston Martin Joins Forces With Red Bull To Build New Supercar

Aston Martin, a world-renowned luxury car maker, is set to make a comeback in Formula One racing after more than 50 years.

In its goal to once again compete in the prestigious tournament, the manufacturer has forged ties with Red Bull for the coming season, which begins on Sunday at the Albert Park in Melbourne.

Aside from the advertising tie-up, Red Bull and Aston Martin are reportedly working on a new supercar called AM-RB 001.

Aston Martin CEO Andy Palmer described the car as something that is "about spectacular beauty, aerodynamic efficiency, advanced technology, and getting around a race track in a fast but elegant way."

"This is an exciting project for Red Bull racing," Christian Horner, the team's principal, said on Thursday in an interview held in Melbourne.

In addition, he said that the two companies will join hands in building the "ultimate of all road cars." The AM-RB 001 will incorporate cutting-edge F1 technology to the stunning and luxurious design of Aston Martin.

Adrian Newey, Red Bull's chief technological officer, and Marek Reichman, the chief creative officer of Aston Martin, will be working on the car that would cost £2 million ($2,894,200.00), and will be completed in two years.

Newey, who has been designing F1 cars for 30 years, was the primary reason for the success of the McLaren in the 1990s, as well as the consecutive driver and team titles that Red Bull has won from 2010 to 2013.

"From the age of six I have had two goals in life – to be involved in the design of racing cars, and to be involved in the design of a supercar," said Newey.

However, Red Bull's design chief said that while the first goal has already come true, his other dream of designing a supercar has not been realized just yet.

"The opportunity to now develop and realize those ideas while working with Marek and his colleagues from Aston Martin is tremendously exciting," he added.

Also known as "Project Nebula," the AM-RB 001 project is currently only present in software, simulations, and other computer-backed programs. Because Formula One race cars often get new designs each year, the new supercar will sport a unique design.

What the two companies are trying to do is to create a supercar that will not only be capable of dominating in F1 tournaments, but can also be used on the streets.

Aston Martin has already released a very sketchy rendering of the upcoming race car, although at first glance, one can only see curved lines. In a report by The Verge, some of the features showcased in the rendering include the cockpit, the steering wheel, and the vehicle's rear.

This could only mean that a physical model may still be under construction, although Aston said that it may be showcased sometime by the end of this year.

Aston Martin last joined the Formula One tournament in 1960 for a short two-season stint. Back then, the manufacturer became successful with its sports cars and attempted to join Grand Prix racing.

Unfortunately, Aston Martin cars were deemed uncompetitive compared to other contenders, and after only five world championship starts, the company decided to return to sports car racing.

In its return, the company does not seem interested in losing again, as it aims to dominate and level the playing field among big names like Bugatti, Lamborghini, and McLaren.

Meanwhile, before the announced partnership with Aston Martin, Red Bull just recently launched its DB11, which is a follow-up to its DB9 race car.

[Image by Christopher Furlong/Getty Images]