Michael Easton's 'General Hospital' Return: The Time Has Come, What's Known About His New Character So Far? [Updated]

Viewers will not want to miss the next couple of episodes of General Hospital, as Michael Easton is headed back to Port Charles. Fans were outraged when Easton was let go from the soap last year, and they immediately started petitions clamoring for his return. Now Michael is rejoining the show, but not as the same character. What is known so far about his upcoming storyline?

Michael Easton has played several characters on General Hospital and its spin-off, Port Charles, over the years. The last time he was with the soap, it was in the role of Dr. Silas Clay, and he was killed by Madeline last August. While it is said that fans will not find out until Monday who Easton will play in this return, there have been a few General Hospital spoilers floating around.

In early February, executive producer Frank Valentini teased big General Hospital news, and he revealed that Easton was returning to the show. It quickly was made clear that that this would be a new role that Michael has not tackled on the series before. Early speculation was that he perhaps would play mob boss Dixon or someone else connected to the mob, but the GH executives quickly squashed that rumor.

Now it is known that Easton will play a new doctor in Port Charles. As SheKnows Soaps details, the buzz is that Michael may play Dr. Marcus Byrne, described as being reserved and intelligent but eager to seek revenge for something. According to Celeb Dirty Laundry, viewers will catch their first glimpse of Byrne on Friday's show.

GH itself has been hyping that Easton first appears on Monday, March 21. At the very least, General Hospital spoilers seem to indicate that Michael's first opportunity to make a significant impact, and for fans to learn much, may come on Monday's episode. Will Dr. Byrne be the one to come in and save the day for Tracy Quartermaine?

General Hospital spoilers from Soap Central detail that Tracy's lab results are returned on Monday's episode and soon she will be getting some good news. Will Dr. Byrne and Dr. Munro manage to be the ones to bring Tracy back to good health again? Tracy's son Ned Ashton, played by Wally Kurth, is returning to Port Charles soon too, and fans feel confident this will be tied to Tracy's recovery.

Viewers may first see the good side to Byrne if he is helping on Tracy's case and bringing positive news. However, who is he seeking revenge against? Who is he connected to in Port Charles? The last name of Byrne is a new one for General Hospital, so right now everything about this character's quest for vengeance remains under wraps and a mystery.

Of course, the other big question revolves around who will become a romantic interest for Dr. Byrne. Elizabeth is one likely possibility, given the fact that she is single right now and one of the few fully single gals in the mix of things. Granted, given the long history of Easton and actress Kelly Monaco acting together, General Hospital viewers have to figure that there will be some moments ahead involving Marcus and Sam as well.

Who will Dr. Marcus Byrne turn out to be, and who is he seeking revenge against? What is on the horizon for him in terms of a love life in Port Charles? Fans will be learning much more about Byrne very soon as General Hospital welcomes Michael Easton back in what is said to be an exciting and tantalizing new role. In this case, viewers spoke and the show listened, and folks cannot wait to see what's in store with this return.

Update: ABC has thrown some twists and turns at viewers with Michael Easton's return. As Michael Fairman On-Air, On-Soaps notes, viewers saw during Friday's credits that Easton is apparently playing someone named Dr. Harrison Finn, not Dr. Marcus Byrne. Is this the same character as previously described, just with a different name? The show has kept details about the actor's return quite hush-hush, but viewers will learn much more very soon. General Hospital spoilers share that the actor will be present on several shows this week and everybody is anxious to learn just what the scoop is on Dr. Finn.

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