‘American Idol:’ Trent Harmon Covers Lynyrd Skynyrd’s ‘Simple Man,’ Leaves JLo In Tears

American Idol contestant Trent Harmon sparked an emotional ending to last night’s Top 5 episode. As ET reports, his soulful performance of Lynyrd Skynyrd’s “Simple Man” left judge Jennifer Lopez — and many fans — in tears.

In a clip leading up to Trent Harmon’s “Simple Man” performance, he discussed his favorite guitar and its relation to the death of his best friend. Trent and his dear friend had the guitar made together. Since his best buddy was the avid guitar player, Harmon allowed him to design many of the special details.

The pair waited anxiously for the finished product. The big day finally arrived, but before Trent Harmon could even let his friend know, Trent found out he had passed away. What was supposed to be a happy day was turned into one full of sorrow — making the guitar a constant reminder of what Trent had lost.

As Trent Harmon finished his rendition of “Simple Man,” tears appeared to slightly well up in his eyes, but he fought them off — for a short time. “Miss Jennifer,” as Harmon calls Jennifer Lopez, complimented his performance through tears of her own.

“It’s moments like this [that remind me] why I love Idol and why I’m going to miss it so much. It’s been having this front seat to watching the perfect song and the perfect singer sing it at that time.”


Lopez went on to explain that those moments are what she will dearly miss when American Idol comes to an end after this 15th season.

“That’s what happened there, and it made me feel like, ‘D***, I’ve been so lucky the five years I got to be on the show and watch things like that.’ You sang that song so beautifully, and I felt every single word of it. Thank you for giving me one of those moments.”

Trent Harmon was overcome with emotion at Jennifer Lopez’s response and could no longer hold back his tears. Last week, he revealed the fact that he did not allow his family to come to Los Angeles with him. In fact, he didn’t even tell them where he was going as he headed out on a bus for his audition.

Trent Harmon said he looks at his American Idol journey “like a job,” and he did not want any outside distractions. As much as he misses his family and they want to be there, Trent admitted he is superstitious when it comes to his performances. Things are going so well for him, Harmon doesn’t want to “mess anything up” by making any big changes. However, he promised them he wants them in the audience if he makes it to the finale.

Before leaving the stage, Trent Harmon explained his tears in a few simple words, referring to the touching lyrics of “Simple Man.”

“When you’re from Mississippi…from the South, you listen to your momma. I miss my momma.”

Twenty-four-year-old Idol hopeful, Trent Harmon, is from Amory, Mississippi, where he lives on his family’s 400 acre farm. He also helps run the family restaurant, The Longhorn Fish and Steakhouse. Although he is a farm boy with endearing Southern charm, he surprised everyone during his audition with his smooth-as-silk R&B style.

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