March 18, 2016
'Warcraft' Teaser Promises Action And War [Video]

Warcraft will soon be hitting theaters, and Legendary, in conjunction with Universal Studios, has released the second teaser for the feature film adaptation of the Blizzard Entertainment video games. The teaser, which has already begun airing in television spots, reveals an action-packed look at a film millions of gamers around the world are awaiting with both skepticism and excitement.

Humans And Orcs Wage War In The New Warcraft T.V. Trailer


Generally speaking, video games don't translate well onto the big screen, at least as far as most of the gamers who play those games are concerned. Tomb Raider flopped with its second film (and is currently facing an ambitious reboot), Silent Hill also failed at box offices with its second outing, and, while Resident Evil has produced numerous sequels, that film franchise hasn't really produced the box office numbers the studio anticipated. Still, there's reason for hope that this Warcraft adaptation will impress fans and newcomers. As the news of this new Warcraft television teaser begins to stir talk, even fans of the games are thrilled by what is seen in this short, but lively, look into the first Warcraft film.


The teaser, which melds previously released shots from the first teaser with new, unseen footage, is void of any speaking. Instead, the entire teaser is a mix of battle scenes and shots that showcase the various races of beings that populate Warcraft. Also apparent on this new Warcraft spot is director Duncan Jones' (Moon, Source Code) desire to show that the entire film will not be CGI-centric. While CGI is used in some scenes, much of Warcraft is shot on location with practical special effects and make-up.

So, what is Warcraft about? The film adaptation begins with a look at the peaceful land of Azeroth and the annihilation it faces, as Orc warriors descend upon the kingdom in search of a new home. A portal, connecting Azeroth to the dying homeland of the Orcs, makes war possible and sets two warriors on a path that means complete devastation to one and victory for the other.

Warcraft Star Travis Fimmel Talks About Living A Warrior's Life


Travis Fimmel is no stranger to battling fierce enemies in a savage war for freedom and the lives of his loved ones. Even before Warcraft came along, Fimmel has been defending his kingdom on The History Channel's Vikings as Ragnar Lothbrok. That role required Travis to maintain a shaved head, which he says sounds easier than it is in practice. As the Warcraft actor describes his shaving ritual, he sounds very much like the kind of warrior he plays so well.

"I've never mastered it. Every morning I make myself bleed. I use a skullcap sometimes to soak up the blood," Warcraft's Mr. Fimmel says. "It's tricky and I have tattoos that are on my face. Without the shaved head, it's very hard to have tattoos. Getting the tattoos was a big mistake."

Taking on Warcraft seems to be right up Travis' alley, but many World of Warcraft gamers are curious to know if the actor is familiar with the Blizzard games. Fimmel answers honestly and says no, he's never played the World of Warcraft games. He adds that the Warcraft film sounded like an exciting project, due to its popularity and to the ambitious scope of the film.

"It is an amazing game for people to get so attached. Attached is a good word. That's one of the big reasons I chose to do it. It's so popular," says Warcraft's Travis.

When he's not acting, Mr. Fimmel says he heads back home to Lockington, Australia, where he works the family farm. It seems there's no rest for this warrior.

Warcraft is set to open on May 25 in theaters.

[Image by Legendary/Universal Studios]