Netflix’s ‘Daredevil’ Spoilers In Season 2 Hint At An Amazing Future

Netflix’s Daredevil spoilers are easy to come by, especially since all 13 episodes were released simultaneously yesterday (March 18). This is nothing new for Netflix. They realized some time back that people enjoy binge watching other television series that they host, such as The Walking Dead. According to Cinema Blend, Netflix conducted a survey in 2014 and discovered that 73 percent of viewers enjoy watching two to six episodes of a show in one sitting. So instead of handling their own exclusive shows as weekly episodic programs, they put them all out there at once, like a giant movie with a bunch of intermissions. Viewers can watch as much as they want, when they want.

The one drawback for this production model is spoilers. Netflix’s Daredevil, unlike other network series hosted by the streaming service, is exclusive to Netflix. This means that nobody has previously seen any of the episodes.

When cable networks have a series, they space out the chapters about once a week. Therefore, nobody can get ahead of anybody else in the story and reveal spoilers. So when Netflix posts that series, it is not a big deal; the episodes have already been shown, and all the spoilers for the show are already out there.

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With Netflix’s own Daredevil, however, spoilers are almost unavoidable. The same day as the release, one could potentially find confirmed spoilers for the whole season on the internet. To some, this is a bad thing, as they do not want their show ruined. To others it is a good thing, as some people like to know what is coming. While none of the spoilers in this article ruins the show, there are some surprises that this article reveals. So before you read any further, decide what type of person you are because here come five surprises you will find in Season 2.

The first spoiler for Netflix’s Daredevil is the Punisher. It is no big surprise that the Marvel anti-hero was going to appear and be portrayed by Jon Bernthal in Season 2. What might be a surprise is the scope of Bernthal’s role. While many past Marvel productions have opted for character cameos to tease fans, this time they seem to have gone full crossover. Frank Castle is heavily woven into the storyline. The character is developed at a slow pace over the course of the season. Fans will get a good glimpse into his motivations and his history, not just a bloody brawl between him and Daredevil.

Speaking of bloody brawl spoilers, Netflix’s Daredevil Season 2 features one fight scene between the Punisher and the red devil in which Matt’s iconic costume from season 1 is virtually destroyed. However, Murdock gets a new and improved costume, which not only provides him with better protection, but also looks better. The mask from the first season had eyeholes that left Daredevil’s eyes looking flat, even shallow. The new mask features reflective, slightly bulging eye lenses that give his eyes a more menacing pop. The overall look is still not like the comic, but according to the Washington Post, even the comic is shifting to a new Netflix-inspired look.

Netflix’s Daredevil spoilers don’t end with The Punisher. Élodie Yung will be appearing as Electra, and Jessica Jones, played by Krysten Ritter, will also appear in Season 2. Jones is a private investigator for a very powerful law firm in the Daredevil universe. Jessica Jones Season 1 premiered last November. As far as we know, Electra will not be treated with her own series at this point. However, Jones is going to play a crucial role in Daredevil, because she will, in a sense, be the glue that binds future Marvel projects together. These future projects are the next spoiler.

This Netflix’s Daredevil spoiler is not necessarily from the series itself, but the show will introduce several characters that will be appearing in future productions. If you’ve already watched Jessica Jones, you will know that Luke Cage has a supporting role in the show. In continuing its relationship with Netflix, Marvel is working on a Luke Cage series starring Jessica Jones co-star Mike Colter. If that’s not enough, they are also planning an Iron Fist series after that. The best thing of all is that they plan to top it all off with a Defenders series.

So really, the spoiler here is that Netflix/Marvel’s flagship series Daredevil is only the beginning and will serve as a diving board for several characters that will be familiar to comic book fans. Three of these comic-book icons, not including Daredevil, will have their own program. Each show’s universe is going to overlap the rest, even if only a little. All these cameos, crossovers, and independent programs will ultimately lead up to the Defenders spinoff series featuring all four characters together. So in the way of spoilers and juicy gossip, Season 2 of Daredevil certainly gives us more to look forward to than Season 1 did.

Keep in mind that between now and the planned Defenders series, a lot can happen. One or more franchises may not perform well and plans can ultimately change over time, but as of now everything looks to be on track. Production on the third season of Daredevil has begun for Netflix and there are sure to be spoilers and rumors leading up to its release that will give us clues as to how Marvel’s plans are going for the other shows.

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