August 23, 2017
Charlie Hunnam And Robert Pattinson's 'The Lost City Of Z' — Everything We Know So Far

Charlie Hunnam has been busy on a number of projects since the conclusion of Sons of Anarchy. This includes his most recent movie, Crimson Peak, as well as two upcoming projects in Knights of the Roundtable: King Arthur and The Lost City of Z. With the latter expected to open in theaters first, here's everything we know about Hunnam's next film.

According to IMDB, The Lost City of Z is an adaptation of the bestselling novel by David Grann of the same name. The book centers on the story of a British explorer named Colonel Percy Fawcett, who mysteriously disappeared during an Amazon expedition in search of the fabled city.

Fawcett went in search of the lost city in 1925 and hoped to make the discovery of a lifetime. The eager explorer worked off the notion that the vast Amazon jungle had concealed the famed city, which was ripe with gold and treasures.

In contrast to some of the explorers who came before him, Fawcett was very experienced and diligently researched his expedition for years prior to its launch. When the time came, he took along his own son and ventured out in search for what he had termed the City of Z. Unfortunately, Fawcett and his entire expedition vanished in the Amazon in a mystery that remains unsolved to this day.

Robert Pattinson and his 'Lost Coty of Z' costar Charlie Hunnam charmed the Irish locals for posing for pictures when not filming. [Image via Nikki Flynn Instagram]
Robert Pattinson and his 'Lost City of Z' co-star Charlie Hunnam charmed the Irish locals for posing for pictures when not filming. [Image via Nikki Flynn/Instagram]According to PopSugar, Hunnam is set to play the lead role of Fawcett in The Lost City of Z. Filming for the movie concluded way back in November, while a few on-set photos revealed Hunnam and the rest of the crew in action.

In addition to Charlie Hunnam, the film features a number of Hollywood's finest stars. This includes the like of Robert Pattinson as Corporal Henry Costin, Sienna Miller as Nina Fawcett, Tom Holland as Jack Fawcett, and Angus Macfadyen as James Murray. Brad Pitt is one of the producers for the movie along with Dale Johnson, Jeremy Kleiner, and Dede Gardner. James Gray is directing the project.

Costin was one of Fawcett's partners in his Amazon expedition, while Nina was Fawcett's wife. For his part, Jack was Fawcett's son, who took part in the ill-fated expedition. As far as Holland is concerned, The Lost City of Z is one of a number of roles the actor has landed in recent months, which includes being cast as the new Spider-man.

Robert Pattinson recently crashed a wedding of some lucky 'Twilight' fans. [Image via Rachel Reid Instagram]
Robert Pattinson crashed a wedding of some lucky Twilight fans while in Ireland to film Lost City of Z. [Image via Rachel Reid/Instagram]Meanwhile, considering the nature of the movie and its jungle setting, fans can expect to see dirtier versions of their favorite actors. This includes Pattinson, who took the time to pose during filming for a quick photograph with Dale Johnson. In the photo, which can be viewed on Thinking of Rob, Pattinson sported a full beard complete with slicked backed hair and grubby clothes.

At the same time, crew member Gabriel Bocanegra posted an on-set image on Instagram. The photo featured Hunnam interacting with an Amazon Indian while the rest of the crew made adjustments in the background. Hunnam wore a jungle outfit for the scene, and sported a long mustache.

Interestingly, Fashion & Style is reporting that Hunnam actually wasn't the first actor cast for the lead role in The Lost City of Z. At the beginning, Pitt was in line to play the part but had to back out in order to help produce. Following Pitt's departure, producers cast Benedict Cumberbatch to appear with Pattinson, but he also had to part ways because of conflicts in scheduling.

At this point, producers have not set a premiere date for The Lost City of City, though the movie is expected to open in theaters at some point this year.

Robert Pattinson can next be seen in Queen of the Desert, while Charlie Hunnam stars in 2017's Knights of the Roundtable: King Arthur.

[Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images]