‘The Bold And The Beautiful’ Schedule Note: When Do New Episodes Air Again, And Is Deacon Really Dead?

'Bold and Beautiful' star Sean Kanan

This has been a wild week on The Bold and the Beautiful, and spoilers tease that there is plenty more to come. Viewers were given a huge cliffhanger at the end of Wednesday’s show, and now they are left hanging in a big way for a bit. B&B is pre-empted briefly due to basketball, and this means that fans will have to wait a bit to see what comes next.

The last that Bold and Beautiful viewers saw, Quinn decided not to push Liam off the cliff. Instead, when she sent “Adam” to the car to get her inhaler, she shoved Deacon over the edge instead. Is he really dead? The show has been teasing a big storyline ahead for actor Sean Kanan, but would it really all end like this?

Luckily, Bold and Beautiful fans feel fairly confident that Deacon will survive the fall and create some major upheaval for Quinn and her wacky schemes. He kept telling his ex-wife to get Liam back home and plead for Bill’s forgiveness, and she simply could not see reason on this front. She fell for “Adam,” and though she thought killing him might be the only way to stay out of trouble and get Wyatt what she wants for him, it turns out that she just couldn’t do it.

Some fans had suspected that Deacon might be the one to go over the cliff instead, and indeed that is what happened. He was the only other person to know about Quinn and Liam, and now she surely thinks she’s got all of her bases covered. While Bold and Beautiful spoilers are not giving any hints about his fate quite yet, many suspect that he’ll manage to survive and wreck havoc for his ex as a result.

Steffy learned that neither Ivy or Hope had been in touch with Liam, and she is more worried about him than ever before. There is no reason for her to connect Quinn to her ex-fiancé, and nobody else seems to be terribly concerned about him at this point.

However, Bold and Beautiful spoilers tease that things will shift soon. Previews for the next episode show Quinn and Liam back at the cabin, where he is comforting her and she is telling him how she’s become a better person thanks to him. Clearly, she thinks they can just continue as if Deacon never uncovered her bizarre scheme.

Is Deacon gone for good? Actor Sean Kanan had been off the canvas for a bit, sparking rumors that he had left the show when this sudden split came up. However, Bold and Beautiful reps shared via Soap Central that there was a big storyline ahead for the character. Granted, bringing him back into the mix, at last, to shake up his ex-wife did bring some big moments, but was this all just a way to kill off the character?

Neither the show or the actor are saying anything yet, but most Bold and Beautiful fans think there is way too much juicy potential here for this to be the end of Deacon. Fans will find out more in the next episode, but it seems likely that he will survive the fall and head to Bill or someone else to expose crazy Quinn. However, it may take a bit yet for this to play out from the sounds of things.

As for when the action picks back up again, We Love Soaps notes that Bold and Beautiful is pre-empted both Thursday, March 17 and Friday, March 18 due to NCAA basketball. A new episode will air on Monday, March 21. Previews show plenty of action with Liam and Quinn, but viewers will also get to see Ridge and Caroline pick out a name for the new baby. Things are going to be getting increasingly awkward with Thomas bonding with his new “little brother” and it seems likely that this paternity secret will explode soon.

Does Deacon survive the fall over the cliff? When will Quinn’s antics finally be exposed? Fans are anxious for answers and while they will have to wait for a couple of extra days, more scoop is sure to be revealed soon as the drama continues on The Bold and the Beautiful.

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