‘The Vampire Diaries’ Season 8: No Ian Somerhalder?

The Vampire Diaries Season 8 may have been confirmed, but so far, the cast has not. There are rumors that Ian Somerhalder could be leaving the set, which means no Damon Salvatore. Could the show survive with another main character gone?

Season 7 has not been the most successful season of the vampire show. Despite clear attempts to move forward, fans were not happy that Nina Dobrev left the show. It meant Damon could no longer be the good vampire that he had become. However, it did mean more possibilities to bring back the old Damon, the one that many fans fell in love with from the start. With these cancellation rumors, it makes sense to assume that Somerhalder was looking at other acting opportunities.

In fact, the Lost actor had been part of rumors all season, suggesting that he would move on to new pastures. Some rumors suggested that Nikki Reed, his wife and Twilight actress, was pushing him towards a movie career, something Dobrev had hinted that she was looking to do after leaving The Vampire Diaries in Season 6.

Before the news that The Vampire Diaries was definitely getting a Season 8, there were questions over whether Damon would stick around. Julie Plec had admitted that the character would always be there ready for Elena, played by Dobrev, to wake up. The problem would be that this could take decades, which isn’t something that could be shown on the TV show.

They really need to end the vampire diaries soon ian somerhalder is startin to look old.

— shelbie (@legzmcneil) March 7, 2016

Somerhalder had also previously admitted that the whole production crew was just trying to get through the current season, according to Jobs & Hire. He said that they were trying to make it a “really, really good season,” hinting that it was possible they would be taken off the air.

Never has anyone confirmed that Somerhalder is definitely leaving The Vampire Diaries, but it does not stop the rumors. These are not the only rumors spreading about the actors and former actors. According to Yibada, Dobrev is unhappy that the show has been picked up for an eighth season, because it means her alleged plan did not work. She was reportedly trying to sabotage her ex-boyfriend’s career by leaving the show.

The last rumor is unlikely. According to the actress herself, she had wanted to leave the show because her character’s storyline had come to a natural end. The actors had originally signed up for six years, and that was the storyline timeframe that she had in her head. Before there was even talk of Season 7, she was ready to give up the part and move onto other things.

It is possible that she wanted the show cancelled to stop other rumors. The Yibada rumor is not the only negative one surrounding her comments about her ex-boyfriend Somerhalder. The Inquisitr previously reported that Somerhalder blamed her for the low ratings and the risk of The Vampire Diaries being cancelled this season. She was also surrounded by rumors that she would come back to the show or move on to The Originals, as she was struggling to find work.

There are other rumors that Somerhalder wants to quit The Vampire Diaries so he can start a family. He had reportedly said that he would not be heartbroken too much if the show had been cancelled after Season 7, but that he did not wish ill of the show that had helped his career. Part of the reason for not being heartbroken about it ending was his age, which is rumored to be a problem for him moving on to movies. Those rumors may be quashed, as Reed is not as interested in babies, as it could mean affecting her own career. It may mean The Vampire Diaries will get another year out of Somerhalder.

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