Drita D’Avanzo Says Karen Gravano Followed And Stalked Lee Off Camera, Carla Facciolo Criticizes Drita

Not surprisingly, the Mob Wives Season 6 reunion show featured an intense confrontation between Karen Gravano and Drita D’Avanzo. Also not surprisingly, the two women continued to hurl accusations and insults at one another on social media as the reunion aired on Wednesday night. In one tweet, Drita accused Karen of following and stalking her husband, Lee D’Avanzo, off camera. Drita also explained why she spoke about Karen’s father, Sammy “The Bull” Gravano. Karen in turn continued to lash out at Drita for talking about her father and accused her of trying to get her kicked off the show. Carla Facciolo also criticized Drita for threatening to quit the show upon finding out that she had returned.

As the episode aired, Drita tweeted that Karen followed and stalked Lee off camera. On the past few episodes, Drita was enraged at Karen because she believed it was Karen who was gossiping about Lee. Drita believed that Karen, who actually dated Lee for several years before his relationship with Drita, was still obsessed with him.

Drita pointed out that Karen called Lee a rat on camera during a conversation with Brittany Fogarty.

“She called Mt husband a f*****g rat! He’s not! I should sit with her????? Would u.”

Drita even claimed that Karen slept with her ex-boyfriend.

As for talking about Karen’s father, Drita admitted that she did, but pointed out that she did it off camera.

“Look into could have bad mouthed Sammy on camera but didn’t! F*****g what’s said off camera these instigating f*****g a**holes.”

Drita said that she mentioned Karen’s father only because Karen kept mentioning him and involving him in their drama.

“That was 3 yrs ago!!- n yes that’s because u keep saying u beat me up I’m calling my father! Wtf type of s**t us tbat!”

As for denying things, Drita claimed that she simply doesn’t remember things.

“I thought the reunion was about this yr…these a**holes are bring up shit off camera 3 yrs ago…sry I didn’t remember lol.”

Karen in turn posted footage of Drita mentioning her father. The unaired footage shows Drita telling someone that she’s stupid for being involved with Karen’s father and threatening to quit the show.

“You think I want to f*****g get my family harmed, for a f*****g show? No thank you. Her father’s gonna come out of jail, not having anything, and want to f*****g kill people. No thank you. I won’t be on the show anymore after today. F**k this show. I quit. “

Carla also criticized Drita on social media. Carla tweeted that it’s crazy how Drita wanted to quit the show over her.

The Mob Wives Season 6 reunion show started off with behind-the-scenes footage of the women getting ready for the reunion. While getting ready in their hotel rooms, they were shown footage throughout the years, including footage that didn’t air. Some of the footage showed some of the cast members talking to production crew about other cast members and what’s happening on the show. Drita D’Avanzo was shown mentioning Karen Gravano’s father during a talk with the production crew.

“If Karen wouldn’t get her father so involved in s**t, I wouldn’t worry. She gets him way too involved. I don’t do that with my family. I don’t get them involved in the show.”

Drita, in turn, was so mad upon hearing what some of the other cast members, especially Karen, said about her that she yelled that she wanted to stop watching it. Karen was shown in one clip saying that everyone in the neighborhood went to jail on account of her, presumably meaning Drita.

Renee Graziano and Karen Gravano arrived first to the reunion set, which was just a bare warehouse. Seated around a table, they talked about the past six seasons. Angela “Big Ang” Raiola, who died from cancer about two weeks after filming, showed up for a short moment. Then Carla Facciolo arrived. Big Ang implored the women to behave themselves and left.

When Drita arrived, she immediately ran to Karen, whom she screamed to get up, and grabbed her. Carla was pushed down to the table. Security pulled Drita and Karen apart before any punches were thrown. Karen and Carla yelled at Drita. Drita yelled back at them. Renee looked on in shock. Drita then yelled at Renee for acting as if she’s innocent, to which Renee yelled back that they were all supposed to have a conversation and not put their hands on one another. Karen was then sent off to a back area.

With Karen still in another area, Carla confronted Drita about getting angry at the production crew and threatening to quit the show after her surprise presence at Renee’s party last season. During that episode, Drita gave Carla, who she was good friends with on the first three seasons, the cold shoulder when she showed up unexpectedly. On the reunion show, footage was shown of Drita yelling at the production crew and threatening to quit the show after Carla showed up at Renee’s party last season.

“You made that f*****g awkward. I’m telling you both now, get the f**k away from me because I’m done with this f*****g show, I quit. I quit. Yes, I quit. I quit. You think I’m playing? You wanna f*****g play with me? Okay. You wanted me to look like a f*****g jerk off.”

Drita denied saying such things, despite the footage. When Carla told Drita that there’s also footage of her talking about Karen’s father, Drita denied that too.

Unfortunately for fans who were hoping to hear from Drita exactly why she gave Carla the cold shoulder upon her return, she never gave an explanation, besides accusing Carla of changing.

Eventually, everyone calmed down enough to sit down at the table together.

New cast members Marissa Jade and Brittany Fogarty also joined the women at the table for a bit. Marissa continued to take Karen, Renee, and Carla’s side against Drita, while Brittany stood by Drita.

So how did Mob Wives end? After Marissa and Brittany left, Renee Graziano, Karen Gravano, Carla Facciolo, and Drita D’Avanzo talked about their dear friend Angela “Big Ang” Raiola. They agreed that they all just need to be there for her.

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