Is Ted Cruz Really The Frontman Of Christian Heavy Metal Group Stryper?

While it’s true they look very much alike, are the same height, and both profess a love of the Lord, Michael Sweet- the lead singer of the hard rocking Christian group Stryper – and Ted Cruz, republican presidential candidate, say they are definitely not the same man. The internet is abuzz with the notion that they are. Of course, the internet also said Ted Cruz was The Zodiac Killer, so take from that what you wish.

Ted Cruz, at Elm Street Middle School town hall meeting, Nashua, New Hampshire, February 3, 2016. [Photo by Andrew Burton/Getty] [Photo by Andrew Burton/Getty]Both men seem to be taking the viral rumor in stride. After all, it’s not as though either man is a bad person or hated terribly by the public. Many people say the allegation is unequivocally not true, according to the Daily Dot. Cruz has already been accused of being the Zodiac killer, but Michael Boulerice, the key starter of this allegation, says that he’s far from a killer – he’s a rock and roll legend.

“I’m not saying Ted Cruz might be the lead singer of Stryper. I’m saying he’s DEFINITELY the lead singer of Stryper.”

Of course, there are some problems with this story. Michael Sweet’s hair is long and looks natural and Ted Cruz’ hair looks short and natural, something that would be hard to pull off, but possibly could be done with extensions when Stryper makes an appearance. There are other serious problems in timing- Stryper was touring abroad while Cruz has been touring the United States trying to improve his chances of becoming the next President of the United States. Michael Sweet agrees they look alike and says perhaps Cruz is his doppelganger. Sweet’s fans, however, seem to be taking it much harder, according to posts on his fan page. The fan group, STRYPER STRONG, wrote a post that has since been deleted.

“Ok, we’ve all now seen at least a dozen times the Ted Cruz looks like Michael in one photo from 1983. I’ve been tagged, had it forwarded to me and have deleted countless postings on the Stryper page that I am webmaster for. First, stop it! Second, it’s making fun of the band and my best friends. Third, it’s making fun of anyone who dares be a fan (in other words….YOU). I don’t like ANY of that! I discussed this with Michael the day he posted it and the only reason he posted was because of the free press that comes from it. He didn’t like the post either and removed the original persons name from it. It has now grown to the point of being ridiculous. So, can I ask everyone to not post it anymore and to move on? Can we all agree on that? Can I get a like or comment of agreement on this? Sorry, it isn’t funny anymore. (Never was).”


While Cruz or his campaign has made no official comment, it’s doubtful Cruz will mind being accused of being Michael Sweet – it was much more career-killing to be thought of as the Zodiac Killer. In all seriousness, though, why does Ted Cruz constantly get accused of being someone else? While there are people out there who seem to look similar to others, one must admit that Ted Cruz looks very similar to Michael Sweet. Michael Sweet apparently approved the original article that said he was Cruz in order to get publicity, then ordered the article removed from the fan site later.

However, Stryper’s lyrics to “Honestly” do sound amazingly like a run of the mill speech campaign:

Many YouTube users are beginning to take to Stryper’s videos, often commenting on what a great singer Cruz is, or wondering why he doesn’t sing on his campaign. Although politically very conservative, perhaps Cruz will delight his next Campaign stop by singing “Honestly” to them. Sources close to him say he’s a dreadful singer but sings to his wife on the phone.

[Photo by Charles Ledford/Getty Images]