Man Crushes Trump Sign With Jeep: Julien Schuessler Gets 1.2 Million Facebook Views — But Cops Want To Talk [Video]

trump sign jeep

On Facebook, one guy is going viral due to his treatment of a Trump road sign. Julien Schuessler was apparently just driving along in his Jeep yesterday, on Tuesday, March 15 — which also was Super Tuesday — when he saw a Trump sign that he just couldn’t leave alone. That’s why Julien professed his love of his Jeep when he is seen in the 10-second video plowing down the Trump road sign.

“I love having a jeep sometimes.”

In the video, the Trump sign becomes toast after Schuessler drives off the road in order to hit the large Trump sign. Indeed, viewers have driven the video on Facebook upwards in its viral nature. As of this writing, the video has gotten nearly 1.2 million views on Facebook. It has also gotten more than 100 reactions, and has been shared more than 35,000 times.

While the comments flowing beneath the video are largely praising the funny video, viewers could cringe when imagining if there had been some sort of structure behind the Trump sign that Julien wouldn’t have seen prior to running it over with his Jeep. Imagine a transformer that could’ve exploded, or a concrete barrier or any other structure that could’ve been hidden by the Trump sign that would’ve caused harm. Thankfully, none of that happened — and as such, Schuessler ended up with a funny video that went viral and drew plenty of adorable comments from Julien’s Facebook friends.

“You’re amazing”

“Holy s***”


“You’re literally my favorite person ever”

“Holy f*** lmao”



“Lol hell yea J!!!!!!!”

“That is f****** awesome”

“Sharing. So bada**.”

“Going viral”

“Dude, you’re famous. I’m so proud. Omg I know a famous person!”

Julien Schuessler: lol! it’s crazy”

“I knew this video would go viral”

“Called it bro”


“Our love is like a monster with 2 heads. HOO HOO!”

And yet, despite all of those glowing comments for Julien, whose Facebook page says that he studied at Cape Fear Community College and lives in Wilmington, North Carolina, police in the area want to have a conversation with Schuessler.

As reported by WWAYTV3, not only has the Facebook video of Julien running down the Trump sign with his Jeep attracted the attention of more than 1 million people on Facebook alone — that video has also attracted the attention of Wilmington Police.

No doubt, either Donald Trump supporters or those concerned with safe driving tipped off the Wilmington Police, and now the authorities have alerted the public via Twitter that they are investigating the incident. That’s the danger of folks doing crazy (and at times illegal) things in order to go viral online. If it’s a video that proves they’ve engaged in illegal behavior, and they’ve recorded that evidence and published it online, it could turn against them.

According to WWAYTV3, Julien has not given a comment to the publication. Schuessler is receiving plenty of comments on Twitter that aren’t as flattering as those on his Facebook page. Beneath the tweet from the Wilmington Police Twitter page, some are calling for Schuessler to be arrested.

Not all of the comments flowing beneath the statement by police on Twitter are negative. Some are calling Schuessler a hero for destroying that Trump sign.

but…but…he’s kind of my hero.”

It’s not the first time a Trump sign would have been destroyed, but Schuessler could be staring at reckless driving charges — and charges of using his phone whilst driving. The above photo shows a torn Trump sign on the floor after the Trump rally in Chicago was cancelled.

[AP Photo/Charles Rex Arbogast]