Tom Cruise Takes Daughter Suri To Disney World

Following a few tumultuous weeks for Suri and Tom Cruise following the announcement that estranged wife Katie Holmes was divorcing Cruise, Tom took his daughter to Disney World, the happiest place on earth for some father/daughter time.

Pictured in a mermaid outfit, topped with a crown, Suri Cruise, 6, held her father’s hand as they walked through Magic Kingdom on Monday. Cruise, 50, was seen in a powdered blue shirt and jeans as he held on to his daughter. Alongside the daughter and father was Suri’s aunt, Tom’s sister, Cass Mapother.

According to Marianne Cohen of Tampa, Florida who looked on as the father and daughter took on Magic Kingdom, “Suri looked like she was in heaven,” continuing describing the scene between Tom and daughter Suri, “It was really cute. She was walking around like she owned the place, having the time of her life, and Tom, who looked really handsome was talking to her, was really engaging with her.”

Although it looked like Tom Cruise and Suri weren’t bothered by anyone at the park that didn’t stop people from tweeting about the sightings of Hollywood’s biggest star. Employee Allison Beckley tweeted about the sight, “Perks of working at Disney….. I just said hello to Tom Cruise!” Another twitter user by the handle of jaybaybay1318 tweeted about their experience and even played up the Holmes/Cruise split, tweeting, “Tom Cruise at Walt Disney World at [the] same time I’m here… too bad I’m #TeamKatieHolmes.”

Earlier sightings of the father and daughter were just days before when they stepped out of Holmes’ apartment in New York. It is said that Katie Holmes wasn’t at the apartment at the time Cruise picked up Suri.