Porsha Williams’ Friend Claims Kim Fields’ Husband Had Gay Affair With Houston Hairstylist, Has Been Fired From ‘RHOA’

Someone close to Porsha Williams has put Kim Fields’ husband, Christopher Morgan, on blast, accusing him of having affairs with men, including a hairstylist in Houston. On Wednesday, All About the Tea reported that after Chris insulted Porsha on social media, a man who describes himself as Porsha’s “brother” went after Chris. Not only did the man accuse Christopher of having affairs with other men, he also claimed that Kim and Chris have already been fired from The Real Housewives of Atlanta.

It all started when a viewer asked Chris what he thought of Porsha making jokes of him dancing during a scene with Phaedra Parks in the latest episode. The viewer thought that Porsha was making “gay insinuations” again and that it was wrong for Phaedra to laugh in response to them.

“cjproduxions: So @christopherlmorgan last night Porsha made jokes about you snapping your neck and shaking your ha[ir] which are gay insinuations if there have been any… Are you and your wife going to call her out and oh yes again Phaedra laughed.”

At first, Chris didn’t seem to let it bother him. He responded that it’s just television and that people can talk however much they like but that he’s “a proud, straight, married man.”

“christopherlmorgan: @cjproduxions – It’s television doc, people laugh when entertained. As long as you don’t impugn my character, you can run your mouth on whatever you like. I’m a proud, straight, married man…”

Chris then seemingly lashed out at Porsha. He wrote that no one cares what a THOT, which stands for “That H* Over There,” with no chance of getting a man like him thinks. He then seemingly called out Porsha for how she changes her looks.

“christopherlmorgan: @cjproduxions You gotta be you doc!! Forget what “people” say!! Most of the time they are full of it anyway?! The people around me know me as a strong man husband and father, who cares what a Thot with no chance of a man like me thinks?! Ho[ld] your worth higher black man!!! Lesson: If a person in layers of makeup, with several plastic surgeries, a waist trainer, a weave, fake nails, fake eyes, and 4 inch heels calls you ‘ugly’, LAUGH HYSTERICALLY!!!!! YOU WIN!!!!!!!!”

Porsha’s friend, with the Instagram name JD and the handle @johnnied4real, then lashed out at Chris. JD made sure to include both Porsha and Kim’s Instagram handles in his message so that they would receive it. The message has since been deleted.

“Did you come for @porsha4real?? THOT? I do understand why you might have your Panties in a Bunch because your d**k and a** is spread thin between Your wife @kimfieldsofficial and the several men we all know you have been to the bottom with including that Hairstylist from Houston!! (Receipts Coming Soon)!…I would suggest you focus on teaching your wife @kimfieldsofficial some of your ‘Twerk’ moves so she can be successful at something, maybe Dancing with the Stars will work, because I know getting that Pink Slip from RHOA had to hurt…was it worth your secret being exposed?”

Apparently, JD is not only friends with Porsha but also Shamea Morton, a “friend” of the housewives this season. When JD declared his love for Porsha a week ago, both Porsha and Shamea responded with love.

“porsha4real: First and last bihhhhhh!!!!!!!! Love you????????????????????”


A viewer left a comment on All About The Tea stating that JD was in the background at Porsha’s going away party for ex Duke Williams and at her company meeting in the garage.

In a previous episode, Kenya Moore made her accusation that Chris is actually gay and that those in the industry call him “Chrissy.” NeNe Leakes and Phaedra Parks made some comments that suggested that what Kenya said could be true. In her confessional interview, Porsha said that she “never got a gay vibe from Chris” but then could hardly contain her laughter.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, about three weeks ago Chris criticized his wife’s co-stars for not defending him and Kim. Chris called out Phaedra, Porsha, and NeNe for making comments that only added fuel to the fire. He said that they were “just trying to stay relevant” and that their “tired,” “lonely,” and “desperate” comments came from a place of jealousy.


The preview for the Real Housewives of Atlanta Season 8 reunion show shows Christopher Morgan, as Kim Fields looks on, directly challenging Kenya Moore to reveal who calls him “Chrissy.” Perhaps viewers will also see him lashing out at Porsha Williams?

[Photo by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images]