WWE News: 'Total Divas' Recap -- Nikki Bella Rehabs Injury With John Cena

Last week's episode of Total Divas focused a lot on Paige, her ex-fiancé, and the ultimate collapse of their relationship. But the complications piled up as her mother came to town. Meanwhile, the Bella Twins were butting heads as Nikki Bella didn't like the idea of Brie Bella and husband Daniel Bryan buying and riding around on scooters. In both cases, the drama was essentially resolved by the end of the show, and all parties involved could move on.

Also on last's week's Total Divas, Rosa Mendes began to feel like her baby-daddy was food-shaming her when he installed video cameras in the kitchen and complained about her consumption of junk food. As it turned out, he was just concerned about the health of their baby and struggled with junk food and weight gain himself. This week, Rosa turns to Mandy as she becomes jealous. Natalya returns to the show as she orchestrates a family photo, and Nikki Bella turns to John Cena for rehab guidance after a diagnosis on her neck injury.

Rosa get jealous and goes to the beach with Mandy

As Rosa enters her third trimester, her baby-daddy is going on a trip to Las Vegas with some of his buddies. Rosa, who has had some very serious relationship issues in her past, stalks him on social media and becomes very jealous and insecure. Mandy is there to help.

Rosa, Mandy and Mandy's two brothers all go to the beach, in hopes that Rosa will get her mind off of Bobby. Ultimately, nothing satisfies Rosa until Bobby comes home, only to reveal he wasn't really in Vegas for a "business trip." He went there to buy Rosa a ring. Rosa is super happy and promises to trust Bobby more in the future.

Can Natalya get the family photo of her dreams?

Nattie, T.J., and the Neidharts return to the Total Divas spotlight, as Natalya has become determined to take a family photo. Because of Jim "The Anvil" Neidhart's hectic career as a professional wrestler, the Neidharts never had a family photo.

Not surprisingly, Natalya takes the photo shoot way more seriously than anyone else. After getting frustrated with her family, her husband reminds her that she finally got the photo she wanted, the family had a good time together, and it was all-in-all a good day. Nattie saw his point and apologized to her family for freaking out.

Nikki Bella's neck injury and John Cena's input

The results are back from Nikki's recent MRI. Along with Brie and Mark Carrano, they get the news that the injury is serious.

While the injury doesn't seem to be career-ending, it will mean that Nikki has to take time off of WWE television to rehab the injury. Notorious for recovering from injury much sooner than his doctors anticipate, Nikki turns to boyfriend John Cena to help her rehab as intensely as he does.

Of course, John's level of working out is incredibly intense, and when he pressures Nikki to really focus and push herself, she begins to whine. After a good conversation with her mom, she apologizes to John for being a total diva about working out and promises to take rehab more seriously going forward.

WWE Divas: Paige
Paige (and Foxy and Eva Marie) barely makes an appearance on this week's episode of 'Total Divas'. [Image via WWE]Mostly absent from this week's show, we last saw Paige moving into a new home. Eva Marie made no real contribution this week, and Alicia Fox is essentially off of the show, which has been the case since she had issues with Paige three weeks ago.

Where To Watch

E! airs Total Divas every Tuesday at 9/8c. Highlights of this episode ("Rocky Road to Recovery") can be seen on E! Online's official Total Divas page. Full episodes of Total Divas can be streamed on-demand the following day with a Hulu Plus subscription. Seasons 1-4 of Total Divas are available to stream on-demand through the WWE Network.

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