WWE Rumors: Backstage Heat On Chris Jericho And Referee Charles Robinson For ‘Monday Night Raw’

wwe rumors chris jericho charles robinson heat monday night raw neville

Chris Jericho has been in the wrestling business for a long time, and he knows the right way to do things in the ring. The same can be said for veteran referee Charles Robinson, as he’s one of the most seasoned officials in all of wrestling. An incident happened between the two of them in the ring on this week’s Monday Night Raw, and it was all caught on camera, but do they have heat on them now because of it?

Jericho had a match with Neville in which Robinson was the assigned referee. A few minutes into the match, a rather odd series of events took place that may not have been noticeable by the casual wrestling fan. It led to a disqualification victory for Neville per WWE.com, but there was much more to it.

wwe rumors chris jericho charles robinson heat monday night raw neville 2

After a commercial break, there was something that happened, and Neville ended up injuring his ankle. He was noticeably hobbling around, and it was obvious that Chris Jericho noticed it, but Charles Robinson did not.

There was a bit of stalling and confusion, but then Jericho quickly rolled up Neville so that the match could. He improvised the finish and had Robinson make the count, but the referee stopped after two and said that Neville’s shoulder was up.

Jericho immediately jumped up and forcibly pushed Robinson while audibly screaming, “He’s hurt!”

The push from Jericho looked legitimate and even knocked Robinson back into the ropes. The referee then retaliated with a push of his own and called for the bell to disqualify Jericho. Some are wondering if Jericho was truly angry or that he knew pushing Robinson would get him DQ’ed and also end the match quickly.

Either way, after the bell rang, Jericho and Robinson got into an in-ring argument that was caught on camera on Raw and included some rather obvious high tensions. If you’re a lip reader, you can also see that some choice language was used.

As you can see, Neville got medical attention and helped to the back for what ended up being a broken ankle that will keep him out a few months and even have him miss WrestleMania 32.

Wrestling Inc. reported that not only was the end of the match improvised by Jericho, but so was his post-match promo. The argument was indeed a shoot and not scripted, but he tried to make it look that way. After the match, he totally made up something for the crowd until AJ Styles ran down and laid him out.

Once Monday Night Raw was over, Robinson realized that things didn’t go quite as planned in the ring, and he admitted that.

Mistakes happen in every walk of life, and in professional wrestling, it’s bound to take place. Many stood up for Robinson and the fact that things do just happen sometimes.

Some have wondered if this awkward in-ring moment with Chris Jericho and Charles Robinson would lead to problems between them or backstage heat from management. The Wrestling Observer states that once everyone was backstage, everything was alright and “seemed better” after they cooled down.

The most important thing in this whole thing is that Neville suffered an injury that will take him out of the ring for a few months, but at least it wasn’t worse. Chris Jericho and Charles Robinson may have had a heated moment in the ring, but it all cooled down backstage.

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