Josh Duggar Wants Wealth For Speeches & TV Show Amid Family Rift: Some Duggars Shun As Amy Duggar’s Husband Dishes

Josh Duggar has traveled a long and winding road in the past two years. The Duggars oldest son went from having fans in his role as a squeaky-clean father and representative of conservative family values to getting bashed when news broke that as a teen, he had molested several underage girls, some of whom were his sisters. Then came the Ashley Madison website hacking, when it was revealed that Josh had paid for an account to cheat on his wife, Anna Duggar.

The former star of 19 Kids and Counting (which was cancelled after the molestation reports surfaced) then confessed to being unfaithful and an addiction to porn, after which he entered a faith-based treatment facility for sex addiction, as the Inquisitr reported.

Now that Duggar has exited that rehab facility and returned to the Duggars family, what does the future hold? Although some Duggars are starring in the 19 Kids reboot, Jill & Jessa: Counting On, the 28-year-old has plans to turn the spotlight back on himself while getting big bucks, according to a source cited by Hollywood Life.

Josh Duggar leaves rehab and is ready to make some big bucks.
Josh Duggar leaves rehab and is ready to make some big bucks. [Image via Josh Duggar/Twitter]

“He’s considering going on a public speaking circuit,” revealed the source. “He has to make money and this could be very lucrative for him.”

That insider predicts that the Duggars oldest son will tour the world as a speaker for religious events.

“It’s likely Josh will travel the world to talk at Christian fundamentalist events this year,” anticipated the source.

As for whether he will join the other Duggars on the family’s spinoff show, the report from insiders is that it’s a given because of the ratings bonanza. And if ratings go up, that could mean even more money for the 28-year-old.

“Everyone is certain Josh will be making an appearance on ‘Counting On,’ he’ll bring the show even more viewers,” pointed out the source.

Will Josh Duggar return to reality TV?
Will Josh Duggar return to reality TV? [Image via Josh Duggar/Twitter]

But what kind of reception has he received from the rest of the Duggars? Many in the Duggar family are having problems trusting him again, Amy Duggar’s husband Dillon King told In Touch Weekly.

Amy is known as the rebel cousin of the Duggars family, and Dillon has shown he is just as outspoken and candid as his wife. King shared the challenges that the Duggars face when it comes to dealing with the disgraced member of the family.

“It’s not ever going to be the same,” pointed out Dillon. “It’s not ever going to be what it was.”

Moreover, one member of the Duggars family told In Touch that some of them are worried that it is not safe for their children to be in the proximity of the just-out-of-rehab oldest Duggar son. They view him as dangerous when it comes to kids after his history of molesting underage girls.

“There are people in the extended family who definitely won’t bring their children near Josh,” confessed that member of the Duggars clan. “Who would want their kids around him after all he’s done?”

However, in public, the Duggars matriarch Michelle Duggar and patriarch Jim Bob Duggar insisted that everything is happy in the life of the 19 Kids family. The couple described themselves as “thankful,” proclaiming that their son had completed the essential “first step in recovering and healing.” Michelle and Jim Bob also brought in their religious faith in describing the next steps for their son and the Duggars family.

“[He will now] focus on rebuilding relationships with his family,” the Duggars parents proclaimed. “[We] look to God for help and guidance and place all of our trust in Him.”

However, one insider revealed to In Touch that some Duggars are shunning the oldest son, pointing to their awareness of his recurring molestation of five underage girls. Of those victims, four were his sisters, with one of them just 5-years-old.

“While the Duggars have publicly claimed to support Josh, some in the family are not that overjoyed by his return,” shared the insider.

[Image via Josh Duggar/Twitter]