Prince Harry Going To Yale? Prestigious University ‘Flooded’ With Rumors

In what would likely be the biggest news to hit the Yale University campus in Connecticut, Prince Harry is rumored to be attending Yale Law School in the near future. The Daily Mail spoke to some Yale University students about the latest Prince Harry rumor, and the students said that the rumors have sparked big-time interest.

The newspaper reported that the news was unlikely, particularly given that such an enrollment would put Prince Harry an ocean apart from his beloved rugby team. He is a patron for RFU’s Injured Players Foundation. In addition, Prince Harry’s prior employment record would possibly show that a pathway studying law may be unlikely. With enrollment in Sandhurst Military Academy prior to two tours of duty in Afghanistan, it would seem that studying law at Yale would be far from Prince Harry’s mind.

Piers Morgan wrote an open letter to Prince Harry via the Daily Mail, cautioning the young prince against studying at the prestigious Ivy League school.

“Your Royal Highness, with American girls likely hurling themselves from tall buildings for face-time with a real-life Prince Charming, you would last about as long as it took you to host your favourite Vegas game of naked billiards before someone somewhere decided you were so offensive your life must be destroyed.”

Morgan referenced the university’s decision to expel student Jack Montague, a rising basketball star, after accusations that the athlete had sexually assaulted another student. Montague said that the sex with the alleged female victim was consensual, while the female says it was not. There was no criminal investigation into the matter, and Morgan said that Montague’s life is forever tarnished by the suggestion he might be a rapist.

While Prince Harry has been quiet on the party scene over the last little while, his charitable work has not. High on the prince’s list of charitable duties includes the Invictus Games, which are heading to Toronto, Canada, in 2017, according to CTV News. The games honor wounded soldiers as they participate in a range of athletic competitions. Prince Harry said in a three-minute clip announcing the location of the next Invictus Games that he “cannot think of a better way to mark this milestone than by paying tribute to the soldiers and veterans who have served their country so bravely, and to support them along their journey to recovery.”

Prince Harry Going To Yale? Prestigious University "Flooded" With Rumors

The Invictus Games are set to occur in Toronto on the 150th anniversary of Confederation, which was struck in 1867.

As for rumors about Prince Harry coming to Yale to study law, Kensington Palace has already issued a statement saying that Prince Harry is not attending Yale at any point in the near future. The prince is possibly, like his older brother William, considering a secondary career path as he gets ready to leave the army, according to Vogue.

A source on campus said that Yale would be incredibly lucky to secure Prince Harry’s tenure as a student at the university, largely due to his charity work.

“Yale would be over the moon to get Harry as a student. Imagine the kind of fundraising they could do,” the source said.

In addition to founding the Invictus Games, Prince Harry founded the charity Sentebale, which focuses its work on helping the orphans of Lesotho, according to Look to the Stars. Prince Harry also works with Canine Partners, the Diana Awards, the Diana Princess of Wales Memorial Fund, and Free the Children, among other charities.

Prince Harry Going To Yale? Prestigious University "Flooded" With Rumors

Prince Harry is also continuing his mother’s work in learning about landmines and clearing them from war-torn areas. In his work with Halo Trust, Prince Harry has expressed some irritation to BBC News that the countries that supplied landmines to heavily-mined areas were not putting forth any funding to help clear them.

While Kensington Palace has eschewed the rumors of Prince Harry attending Yale, it will be interesting to see what Prince Harry has up his sleeve next as he prepares for life post-military.

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