Big Mac Vs. Copper: Burning Hot Liquid Copper Turns Big Mac Into 4-Pound Mess [Video]


The below video, titled “Molten Copper vs Big Mac,” is going viral on YouTube, with more than 2.3 million views for the fascinating video. In the viral video, a Big Mac is placed on a platter and burning hot molten copper is poured atop the Big Mac — with expectations that the Big Mac would immediately disintegrate under such heat. However, that’s not what happens — leading some to wonder: What preservatives are exactly used in Big Mac sandwiches?

As described by the creator of the viral video, copper has a pretty high melting point — nearly 2,000°F — so for the Big Mac to stand up under that heat and for viewers to watch the molten copper simply roll off the patties of the Big Mac is quite intriguing. One wonders how the next experiment that YouTube star Tito4re will perform by pouring molten copper on McDonald’s French fries will fare.

“Pouring molten scrap copper on Big Mac. Next video coming up is going to be molten copper vs McDonald’s french fries. Copper’s melting point is 1,984°F or 1,085°C Thanks for watching.”

Either way, the YouTube star has a viral hit on his or her hands, with the Big Mac molten copper experiment causing the Big Mac term to surge and show up as a trending top, according to Facebook.

With 127,093 subscribers and 29,302,215 views as of this writing on the channel of the YouTube star, who joined YouTube on October 2, 2007, the YouTube star describes that the purpose of the YouTube channel is mainly to show what it’s like to see how things react to having liquid hot copper poured on them.

The standard warning is issued in the describe of the YouTube channel, warning others that it’s very dangerous to play around with molten metals — and that if the YouTube videos disappear that means this particular YouTube star blew himself or herself up. There’s certainly the hope that an explosion never happens — because the videos are winning legions of fans.

“Welcome Everyone to my channel. My videos are mostly about melting copper and pouring it on random things. If you like seeing things burn, then your in the right place. I also cast things out of aluminum and copper. Aluminum melts at about 1200 degrees and copper about 2000 degrees. WARNING Its very dangerous when playing with molten metals. The experiments I do are extremely dangerous, do not attempt to recreate ANYTHING I do at home! So sit back relax and let me do the dangerous stuff. If I ever stop uploading videos ether I blew my self up or something bad happened, so I hope u enjoy all my videos.”

Indeed, as witnessed by the most popular videos on the YouTube channel, people are certainly enjoying the videos. Currently, the “Molten Copper vs Coconut Part 1” video uploaded three months ago is the most-viewed on the channel, with 4.6 million views. Like the title implies, that video featured the video creator pouring molten copper on the inside of a coconut.

Next up in popularity comes the “Molten Copper vs Big Mac” video, which has swelled to 2.3 million views in five days. With that kind of a surge in views, the Big Mac and molten copper video will likely overtake the coconut video soon.

There was the “Molten Copper vs Ice Exploding Ice” YouTube video, which brought in slightly more than two million views in eight months — and indeed caused an explosion that the YouTube video creator didn’t know would happen, nor why it happened.

Another popular video from the channel is the “Molten Copper vs Blue Glass Diamond” YouTube video, which gained nearly two million views in four months. The creator assumed the diamond would explode, but it didn’t.

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[Photo by AP Photo/Gene J. Puskar]