Amaury Nolasco Will Reprise His Role In The Upcoming ‘Prison Break’ Revival

Amaury Nolasco on the TNTLA Red Carpet

The announcement of a Prison Break revival was met with an awful lot of excitement from fans when it was first unveiled last year. Since then, a number of actors behind the series’ initial key characters have come forward with confirmation that they will be reprising their original roles in the upcoming reboot of Prison Break. The latest of those reprisals comes in the form of a fan-favorite character.

Amaury Nolasco has confirmed via Instagram that he will reprise his role as Fernando Sucre alongside the other key characters that have already been confirmed to be making a return to the show. Nolasco’s Instagram post showed a picture of several key characters from the first season of the show. The post was then, of course, coupled with the official confirmation that Sucre will return, with the actor saying he can’t wait to get back together with the gang.

Prison Break is a show well known for telling the story of a range of different characters. Many of those characters fans quickly found they couldn’t trust. Fernando Sucre, on the other hand, has long been seen as one of the good guys of Prison Break, joining Michael on his adventure to break his brother out of prison.

With the popularity of Amaury Nolasco’s character taken into consideration, the news that he’ll be reprising his role is one that will surely excite fans of Prison Break, who are already looking forward to the upcoming reboot.

It looks like Prison Break’s revival isn’t far from reuniting the full cast from the original series. You might well remember that both Wentworth Miller and Dominic Purcell both confirmed their return to the show shortly after the Prison Break revival was initially confirmed by FOX. Following that, only last week, Sarah Wayne Callies confirmed that she’d be joining both Miller and Purcell, again assuming the role of Sara Tancredi.

Since the reboot was officially confirmed to be a thing back last year, many fans of Prison Break have questioned exactly how the show will deal with the events of the series finale back in 2009. However, the show’s creators have said that the answer to Michael Schofield’s death is one that will be seamlessly resolved in the new series.

It’s believed that the series will start with Sarah Wayne Callies’ character, Sara Tancredi, raising her child and living a comfortable life with her new husband. That’s all before she hears whispers that her dead husband, Wentworth Miller’s character, Michael Schofield, might actually be alive. The series will then apparently set out on the “greatest prison break yet.” That’s surely a synopsis to excite fans.

The Prison Break Cast in 2008

Despite Prison Break’s four main characters now all having been confirmed to make a comeback, there’s still a number of key characters from the series who have yet to make their official return. Talks are now believed to be under way between the show’s creators and Robber Knepper, Paul Adelstein, and Rockmond Dunbar, who are all well known for their roles in the original iteration of Prison Break.

Whether those aforementioned actors fall into place and reprise their original roles or not, this revival of one of FOX’s most-loved shows is definitely coming together. However, there’s still concern that the new series of Prison Break could ruin how the show was concluded with its emotional finale back in 2009.

Prison Break is set to return to our screens late in 2016 for a 10-episode run. Filming will begin next month in Vancouver, and there’s a good chance that if the series is successful, it could be extended for further episodes or even a further series beyond 2016.

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