WWE News: WWE Decides To Nix Roman Reigns’ Crowd Entrance

For his entire main roster career, Roman Reigns has gone through the crowd and allowed fans to get up close and personal with him. The entrance started with The Shield, but after the breakup, both Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins discontinued their crowd walk immediately. Reigns kept to it, however, and even kept the Shield music. Everything was about them, which made a lot of sense. WWE wanted Reigns to get over, and the hope was that the Shield music and entrance could help with that.

Now it appears that the WWE seems to be taking away the Roman Reigns’ crowd entrance that has been a staple of the character since his debut. According to recent SmackDown spoilers, Reigns came out like a normal WWE talent and went down the ramp. This is very surprising for most WWE fans, as Reigns coming through the crowd made him different and truly gave him something special as a babyface. We thought he came down the ramp this past week on RAW as a one-time thing to surprise Triple H before the brutal attack, but it is now a thing going forward.

Could this be a safety thing? WWE has worried about people going through the crowd before because of crazy fans. We saw on WWE RAW this past week that fans can really go crazy for their favorite WWE talent, male or female. Of course, safety was not a concern for nearly three years, so why would it be now? The reason many believe WWE ended it was due to the rumored character change.

Reigns crowd

WWE wants to completely change up Reigns’ character from being the next John Cena into being the first Roman Reigns. The crowd entrance made him unique, which is what is so surprising about this rumor. WWE easily can change up his character by still allowing the crowd entrance. Some think it will be done to eventually turn Reigns.

While it would make no sense to turn Roman Reigns into a heel before WrestleMania, he could turn sometime after, but that is doubtful. Character-wise, expect them to run the face one into the ground before giving up on it. WWE would want the turn to be unexpected, though, and having him come down through the crowd the next night would not be ideal. On top of this, WWE may very well want to give Roman a big entrance at WrestleMania. They cannot always do this when you go through the crowd, so going down the ramp like normal is essential.

One would imagine that WWE would not want things to be off when they do it. That is why having fans get used to seeing him come down the ramp is a good plan. Could WWE have him go back to the crowd entrance? It is possible. However, the whole idea of it was meant for a group and not a single man for his entire career. When you think about it, the crowd entrance is not always a good plan.

Reigns HHH

When a WWE talent comes out to interrupt another WWE talent, it would make more sense for them to be at the top of the ramp — not right into the belly of the beast by the ring. This is especially good for the safety of the character in general. There is really no reason to continuously go through the crowd and continue to make people want to see something else. Could WWE give him an entirely new entrance with new music as well now? Even John Cena changed his entrance music, so it isn’t like this has not happened in the “top guy” blueprint before.

We’ll have to wait and see what else WWE plans to do with Roman Reigns and if the entrance difference is the last thing on the list. The hope is that character-wise, we see him do what we saw last week and not talk as much. Fans love the Roman Reigns we saw this past week, as when he talks, fans tune out. When he beats people up, that is when we stay tuned or hear of the great beatdown and tune back in. We shall see what becomes of him.

[Image via WWE]