Daisy Ridley Turns Down Epic Invitation From College Fan In Favor Of The Force

Star Wars star Daisy Ridley is using her Jedi connections as an alibi to turn down a fan’s invitation to go to his school formal.

In a brilliant and funny video, Kevin Carlock attempted to invite the actress to his school’s formal event. In his bid to win her over, Carlock employed the help of some friends to film and edit the footage in which he performed a rap song chock full of witty lines.

In the homemade music video, which was uploaded in YouTube on February 23 and now has over 20,000 views, the college student sings out to Daisy Ridley, saying, “Hey Miss Ridley, come to formal with me. You got a lot of fans but you gotta pick me.”

With the aid of social media, fans are now able to reach out to their idols through various channels. Carlock’s video invitation is adorable and amusing by online invitation video standards, as per the trend in the past few years.

In the video, Carlock and his friends also show Ridley what to expect from her visit to Davidson College. A tour of the nearby town was also part of the package in an effort to reel her in and get the actress to say yes. And since this is no formal invitation, his group added further comedic points by showing that the place has proper air conditioning and actual running water.

And if the actual singing wasn’t enough, Carlock and his gang’s dance moves were like a preview of what to expect from him during the actual dance. Combining a hybrid hip-hop and workout dance routine, the whole presentation seemed to speak of the young man’s easygoing and fun personality.

In an interview with WCNC, Carlock said that he has no romantic interest in the actress.

In the video, he also formally invited the Star Wars beauty by writing a caption that read, “The Davidson College Spring Athletes’ Formal is a dance/party/social held at Davidson College on April 13th, and I would like to bring Ms. Ridley as my date to the event.”

Davidson College is located in Davidson, North Carolina. The academic institution is a private liberal arts college that is highly selective and annually enrolls students on a global scale. Kevin Carlock is part of the Davidson’s 2015-2016 Men’s Gold Roster. He is described on the Davidson Wildcats website as a four-time team Most Valuable Player, and it was also noted that he earned the Caldwell Academy’s Academic Award while still ranked as number one in his class.

With the YouTube post gaining viral status online, Ms. Ridley, as Carlock refers to the actress, was bound to watch and respond. As flattered as she was with his formal invitation and creative efforts, Daisy Ridley had to politely decline.

In a handwritten letter, the super-busy actress, who is currently busy filming Star Wars: Episode VIII, took to Instagram to reach out to her fan.

Daisy Ridley matched Carlock’s brilliant and funny invitation by writing that she was “locked in an intense staring competition with Luke Skywalker, somewhere in the middle of the galaxy.”

@kevincarlock your video made my day! Can't believe I only just saw it! Thank you!!!

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She ends the personalized letter by asking Carlock to “let her know how the dance goes” and to “have fun.”

In a unique twist of fate, Daisy Ridley’s Instagram reply has also gained a huge amount of traffic. Captioned “Your video made my day! Can’t believe I only just saw it! Thank you!!!” and addressed to Carlock, it now has over 90,000 likes and almost 1,500 comments to date.

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