The Flash Season 2: Barry’s Reaction To Zoom Reveal, New Speedster Coming, Melissa Benoist Reveals Flash Race, And Showrunner Reveals Why The Flash Will Be In ‘Supergirl’

The Flash Season 2 is on a hiatus, but there is certainly a multitude of things that are on the way for the Scarlet Speedster’s show and another DC Comics adaptation. The Flash will return in a week, and according to Comicbook, Barry Allen will find out and will need to deal with the repercussions of the Zoom’s identity. The Flash himself, Grant Gustin, labels Barry’s feelings towards the reveal as “disappointment” and “betrayal.”

“It’s betrayal and disappointment in himself. Because it’s almost like he’s been through this before, and he can’t believe he let himself go through it again.”

This should come as no surprise to The Flash Season 1 viewers, as a similar partnership between the faux Harrison Wells was later revealed to be his mother killing the nemesis, Reverse-Flash. Barry even referenced this when faux Jay Garrick/Earth-2 The Flash first came to work with Team Flash earlier in Season 2. Considering The Flash fans are still left with many unanswered questions at this stage of the game in Season 2, it is hard to predict where things will go from here. Though, one thing is for sure, The Flash and Zoom will face each other again. Scarlet versus…Aqua Speedster will fight again. Speaking of Speedsters, there is another speedster coming to The Flash this season.

Team Flash Meets Trajectory

According to Melty, Trajectory is on her way to Central City, along with Eddie Thawn and the Pied Piper. The latter characters from The Flash‘s past season should shock no one, as in comic book adaptations, no one EVER stays dead. That being said, the new speedster known as Trajectory appears to be no ally to Team Flash, as the photos released for The Flash Season 2’s next episode shows the team held at gun point for some small metal object, and Barry locked away in Star Labs’ Metahuman vault. It will be interesting to see The Flash deal with all these developments in one single Season 2 episode.

Not to mention the fact that The Flash will be on another network in the same week, dealing with Supergirl‘s big bad’s too. Supergirl Melissa Benoist was the only one who teased, “I’m excited for you guys to see the race.” In DC Comics lore, there was a famous race between Superman and The Flash, but since he has not turned up on Supergirl yet, Benoist is likely alluding to a race between Supergirl and The Flash. The poster that CBS has been floating shows the two of them as well.

Supergirl trailer season 1

Melissa Benoist said that for Supergirl, The Flash’s arrival into National City is like “Oh my God, it’s someone like me!” Benoist said that Supergirl finally finds peace with seeing that there are others like her.

Some Arrow,The Flash, and other DC Comics adaptation fans have probably wondered why The Flash was the first to interact across network lines with CBS‘s Supergirl. Showrunner Greg Berlanti explains that it is the multiverse, of course.

“We needed to create a way to do it. We had to introduce Superman since you’ve heard about him and you’ve heard about Supergirl, but in worlds of Arrow andFlash, they didn’t exist in that world. We introduced the multiverse in The Flash this year, and that was always our way in.”

The Flash may have caused a lot of trouble with his fight with Reverse-Flash like Eddie Thawn dying, Ronnie Raymond presumably dying, et cetera, et cetera, but if it were not for the creation of the Multiverse, the expanded DC Comics TV universe could not happen. Not to mention, all the new characters, The Flash Season 2 plot, and other things that happened in its wake. So, fret not, Barry. The fans are on your side, and they can’t wait to see what’s still to come in Season 2 and in Supergirl.

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