Von Miller Getting Fined By ‘Dancing With The Stars’ Partner Witney Carson

Witney Carson Fines Dancing With The Stars Partner Von Miller

Von Miller isn’t taking his Dancing with the Stars rehearsals serious enough in the eyes of his hardworking partner. The NFL star reportedly has a bad habit of showing up late, so DWTS pro Witney Carson is making him pay a hefty fine for every minute that ticks by while she waits on him to get to the studio.

According to TMZ, Witney Carson is forcing Von Miller to cough up $100 for each minute that he’s late for practice. On Thursday, the Super Bowl MVP reportedly forked over $500 after wasting five minutes of Witney’s very valuable time. Witney is pocketing the cash, which might add up to a satisfactory consolation prize if she and her partner don’t make it very far on Season 22 of Dancing with the Stars.

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Witney probably could have made the late fine higher and Von Miller would have humored her by bringing wads of Benjamins to practice—the Denver Broncos linebacker is already used to paying bizarre fines for irritating other people. According to the Colorado Springs Gazette, Von has a bad habit of passing gas during team meetings, so Denver’s defensive line decided to start making him pay a “fart tax” whenever he lets one rip. He reportedly has to pay $500 each time he passes gas, and his refusal to hold it in is getting pretty costly—he forked over $15,000 after one meeting (that’s 30 farts).

It’s possible that Witney Carson is also getting acquainted with Von Miller’s offensive body odor during Dancing with the Stars practice. According to Fox Sports, Von explained that he doesn’t fart around his teammates because he’s trying to be funny or annoy them—he’s simply being healthy by passing gas when whenever he needs to.

“They can’t fine me if I get up and walk away,” Von said. “It’s NOT healthy. I keep trying to tell them it’s not healthy if I just sit there and hold it in. Nobody in the world does that. I just do it more than the average person.”

Poor Witney.

Denver Broncos fans might be surprised that Von Miller is showing up late to Dancing with the Stars rehearsals. After all, he’s usually so eager to show off his dance moves on TV that he’s willing to pay thousands of dollars for the privilege. According to USA Today, his sexy body movements cost him $23,152 after he grabbed his crotch during the AFC title game. The NFL’s fines for unsportsmanlike conduct are pretty steep, but the organization just can’t crush Von’s desire to dance. He was also fined $11,567 for doing a Key & Peele-inspired “hip-thrusting dance” during the Bronco’s October match-up against the Kansas City Chiefs. Surely, Witney Carson will find some way to work the move below into one of Von’s DWTS routines.

However, Witney might need to invite Jordan Peele to rehearsal so that he can give Von Miller a few tips on how to properly execute “McCringleberry’s excessive celebration” dance—according to the comedian, Von should have added one more hip thrust to the move.

CBS Sports reports that Jordan Peele and his Key & Peele costar, Keegan-Michael Key, donated the amount of Von Miller’s thrusting fine to the NFL star’s charity, Von’s Vision. The organization provides eye care and glasses to low-income kids in Denver. Maybe Key and Peele will offer to make another donation if Von and Witney do McCringleberry’s dance on Dancing with the Stars.

According to Sports Illustrated, Vegas bookkeepers have already made Von Miller the second favorite Season 22 DWTS contestant at odds of 6/1. Boyz II Men star Wanya Morris and his partner, Lindsay Arnold, are currently favored to win at 5/2 odds. If Von wants to take down the boy band star, maybe he really needs to get his head in the game and try to get to rehearsal on time.

As The Inquisitr previously reported, Von is also facing off against two other popular NFL stars, Antonio Brown and Doug Flutie. Oddsmakers currently have Antonio in third place behind Von at 7/1, and longshot Doug trails the younger athletes in ninth place with odds of 12/1.

Witney Carson and Von Miller’s first DWTS dance will be a fox trot. Von might not be the most punctual guy, but Witney says that he makes up for his tardiness by being a fast learner.

“He’s picking up things so quick. He’s great on choreography. He’s an amazing student,” Witney told Entertainment Tonight. “I love that because I get to boss a big football player around.”

Below is a short video of Von and Witney rehearsing their fox trot.


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You can see if Von Miller manages to sneak any hip thrusts into his fox trot when Dancing with the Stars premieres March 21 at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.

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