Should ‘Supernatural’ Reveal God? Fans Say No!

Alexandria Ingham - Author

Mar. 15 2016, Updated 11:32 a.m. ET

There are mixed reviews over the news that Supernatural has been renewed for a 12th season. On top of that, fans are divided when it comes to the question of whether God should be revealed. While many want to be proven right—that Chuck is God—others have said that this is one character that needs to stay out of the show completely.

Supernatural has had one constant. It has always been about two brothers ridding the world of demons. While Eric Kripke originally said he would not bring angels into it, come Season 4 of Supernatural, angels were introduced, and the idea of God was born. Then viewers found out that God had gone AWOL. He was no longer in Heaven, and would not help his people.

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Since then, there has always been the question of who is God. Now that The Darkness has been revealed as God’s sister, there is the common question over whether God will come into Season 11. After all, who else in Supernatural would be able to put The Darkness back in her box? The Winchesters may have put Lucifer back in his cage—although he is now out—but The Darkness is a lot bigger. It makes sense that God would have to come into it. With the suspicion that Chuck is God and him coming into it in Episode 20, it makes sense that that episode has been touted as the one Supernatural writers will finally introduce the Almighty.

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Melty suggests that God is not needed. Sam and Dean Winchester have proven time and time again that they can take on whatever life and demons throw at them. They managed to put Lucifer back in his cage, because of that bond between them. They have fought against Eve and got rid of the Leviathans. It should all be about the two brothers working together—or going against each other’s wishes, as usually happens—to destroy Amara.

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Some Supernatural fans worry that seeing God would be a letdown. The question of who he is has just gone on for too long. It works in a similar way as seeing The Source in Charmed. He was mentioned and seen with the hood, but when he was actually seen, the makeup did not do the character justice. Finally seeing the character takes away too much of the curiosity, and fans could start to fall out of love with the show.

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While fans think God will appear in Episode 20, there is no guarantee that Chuck is God. He reportedly said that he viewed his character as God, but he said that from the view that Supernatural‘s creator Kripke put himself in the story. Chuck was Kripke, the creator of the series and therefore God of the series. He never said that he was definitely the character God.

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io9 has pointed out that Supernatural was never supposed to continue this long. Kripke had always imagined Season 5 as the end, and wrote it in the way to give it a full conclusion. Others took over the running of the show, but the original storytelling has finished. God was never intended to be revealed. Kripke had made it clear that God had left the building, and it would make sense to keep him out of it.

Supernatural has now been renewed for another year, according to The Daily Voice News. Season 12 will start in the 2016/2017 season, and many fans have questioned where it can go from there. Fans are mixed on whether it should have been renewed, and continue to remain divided over whether God should stay out of Season 11 of Supernatural or finally be revealed.


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