Google Adds 360 Analytics Suite For Enterprise Marketers And New Data Tools For All Marketers

Google announced the release of its Analytics 360 Suite for enterprise marketers. The purpose of the new product is to challenge such services as Adobe Cloud and other similar services. The release contains a set of integrated data and analytics products to meet the needs of enterprise marketers. It also combines Google Analytics Premium with Adometry, a tool that Google acquired in 2014 and is now called Attribution 360.

Tech Crunch reported that the enterprise version combines an enterprise version of Google Tag Manger and three other tools, Audience Center 360, Data Studio 360 and Optimize 360 to create a complete set of tools for marketers. Babak Pahlavan, the senior director of product management, said that the solution was meant to help marketers work more efficiently in a multiscreen world. He also said that the tools were meant to be easier to use.

“If you have very complex tools, they don’t get used. We focus on simplicity. How can we make tools that are extremely easy to use and that make it easy to collaborate?”

The service actually contains six different tools that are closely integrated and allow marketers to engage with their customers while guiding their customers through their sales journey more efficiently. The system makes it easy for marketers to get actionable information rather than just a barrage of data.

Google also added Audience Center 360, a data management system that allows marketers to run split testing on their websites. Marketers can use it to determine the best version of text snippets or images on a website. Although the Analytics 360 Suite is more of an update than a new tool, Audience Center 360 is a completely new tool for marketers.

As previously reported in The Inquisitr, Google updated its search console to allow webmasters to have access to more data for their search engine optimization campaigns and offered webmasters a chance to gain access to up to a year’s worth of data on their sites. It also allows marketers to have more information on where their visitors are coming from. Webmasters can now also do one-click verification of their Google Business Pages. Google Search Console replaced Webmaster Tools as the way for webmasters to monitor their data.

The Wall Street Journal reported that the Analytics 360 Suite would not only allow marketers to track customer behavior, they would also have the ability to store the data too. An example of the tool in action would allow marketers to track a customer’s purchases and actions and also determine why a customer visited the website. Marketers would then have the ability to use the data to create future marketing campaigns tailored to their customers’ behavior.

Paul Muret, Vice President Of Analytics, Display, and Video Products at Google, said that the suite allows marketers to see the entire customer journey.

“The suite is designed to give marketers a single view of the entire customer journey.”

Other tools that Google rolled out as part of the platform include Optimize 360. It allows webmasters to personalize their websites for different types of visitors while Data Studio turns marketers’ data into interactive reports and dashboards. Attribution 360 allows marketers to assess the value of their marketing investments and allocate their marketing budgets. The suite of tools, which works in the cloud, gives marketers a completely integrated solution to meet their needs instead of having to stitch together tools from different technologies and platforms.

[Photo by Google]