Dairy Queen: Where Can I Find Free Ice Cream Near Me? DQ To Hand Out Free Vanilla Cones Today!

The Ides of March has become a memorandum of sorts for the brutal murder of poor old Julius Caesar, but today it means free ice cream from Dairy Queen!

March 15 marks free cone day at Dairy Queen, which is now an annual tradition. Participating Dairy Queen stores will be packed today as patrons figure out how to get free ice cream cones nearest to them.

Dairy Queen wants to usher in an early summer near you by pushing everyone’s favorite frozen treat to the present.

The motif of Dairy Queen’s free ice cream campaign is that summer can be now if you believe, even if the atmosphere doesn’t quite agree yet.

You’ll be able to get your free DQ ice cream cone by just simply asking for one — no strings attached. That is, unless you are attempting to acquire your free vanilla cone from a mall location, because according to Syracuse.com, they will not be handing out free DQ ice cream cones.

Dairy Queen may be expressing its gratitude near you by offering free ice cream cones, but even they have their limits, of course. In order to avoid going bankrupt from too many people indulging in free ice cream, they’ve established a one-ice-cream-cone-per-person policy.

The company should reward their more enthusiastic ice cream lovers this #FreeConeDay.

Syracuse added that although Dairy Queen ice creamery isn’t requesting any monetary exchange for their free ice cream cones, they are, however, accepting donations for Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals.

These hospitals span the U.S. and Canada, and according to AL.com, Dairy Queen raised $140,000 for CMN and served more than 1,330 ice cream cones per store last year.

Dairy Queen said this of their long-standing relationship with the Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals.

“Dairy Queen system has been a proud national sponsor of Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals (CMN Hospitals) since 1984. During the past 30 years, DQ operators throughout the United States and Canada have raised more than $100 million for CMN Hospitals.”

Dairy Queen isn’t the only ice cream maker giving out free ice cream cones this season. According to the Inquisitr, Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream has been known to scoop out some free treats to its fans in the past.


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Last year, on April 14, Ben & Jerry fans could have their pick of any of the eccentrically-named flavors for free near them. The Ice Cream company ran their ice cream promo from 12 p.m. to 8 p.m at their “Scoop Shops.”

But you don’t have to wait until the day before national tax day to enjoy a free ice cream cone as Dairy Queen has got you covered.

How do I find a participating Dairy Queen to get my free ice cream cone near me?

Don’t fret, because Dairy Queen’s store locator page has made the ice cream shop easier to find than ever. And in addition, Dairy Queen has over 6,000 stores across the United States alone.

So get in line for your free cream cone while supplies last. The day is young, and you still have a yearning to scream for ice cream.

Because Dairy Queen is just itching to give you a free ice cream cone.

[Photo by Bloomberg/Getty Images]