Madonna Strikes Back At ‘Sexist’ And ‘Misogynistic’ Claims She Performed Drunk In Australia

All anybody had to do was watch any of the clips of Madonna’s Tears of a Clown show on YouTube to see that she was performing as a sad clown and hitting most of her notes perfectly. Despite vicious accusations she was intoxicated, fans who were actually at the show said the accusations were laughable.

Madonna then returned to her regular show Saturday evening in Melbourne, and the response was overwhelmingly positive. Madonna’s Rebel Heart Tour show requires precise movements, tight choreography, and several different singing techniques — something that nobody can do if they are intoxicated. Still, that didn’t stop The Sun from digging in.

“After falling off a tricycle, she told the crowd in Melbourne that she had ‘messed up’ her songs, before joking: ‘You would think it was in my DNA!’ And at one stage, after downing booze from a fan’s hip flask, she pleaded: ‘Somebody take care of me, please. Who is going to take care of me?’”

The news of Madonna’s “meltdown” soon spread to the Daily Mail, Drudge Report, and everywhere else on the internet without anybody checking actual facts. Finally, Gossip Cop put a rest to the tabloid reports Monday morning.

“Madonna was not drunk at her Saturday show in Melbourne, despite reports. A production insider tells Gossip Cop media claims that she was intoxicated during her performance at the Rod Laver Arena are inaccurate.”

Madonna Meltdown

Gossip Cop noted that during the footage sites posted of Madonna drinking from a bottle of vodka, Madonna told the crowd that it wasn’t even real. And she didn’t pull out a fan’s flask as the tabloids reported. She had her own and shared it with Molly Meldrum, one of Australia’s biggest television personalities. According to, Meldrum said that the flask was filled with water.

Many fans were wondering why Madonna didn’t respond to the fabricated accusations. Some suspected that Madonna, known to be a clever media manipulator, was just playing into the accusations. After all, Madonna hasn’t shown much vulnerability in her career, and this could play into a future reinvention. But Madonna finally took to Instagram Monday evening to not only defend herself, but — once again — take a stand against sexism and misogyny.

Madonna may want to invest in spellcheck, but that’s beside the point — at least when it came to the nerve she hit. Madonna won all sorts of praise on Instagram and Twitter.

“I remember growing up with a quote that you said ‘look after your body.. Your body is a temple always look after it, it is the only body we have so we need to respect it.’ I remember that you don’t drink smoke and even tattooed your body. Those words stuck with me,’” said Instagram commenter Christina_Soto.

“Your so right!!we as your fans know the true madonna your a inspiration to a healthy life f***k,what others think and say they are mind less and stupit [sic],” responded WenMadonna.

The Queen of Pop helped start a dialogue on Twitter as well.

Madonna ends her Rebel Heart Tour in Sydney, Australia this weekend. Fans hope that Madonna’s special Tears of a Clown show eventually becomes a full musical production and tour.

[Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images]