‘The Division’ Servers Will Be Down For Three Hours On Tuesday Morning

After enjoying it’s first full week of availability following the launch of Tom Clancy’s: The Division, the game’s servers will be taken down for a brief period on the morning of Tuesday, March 15, to perform scheduled maintenance. Ubisoft announced on their official forums that the downtime is expected to last around three hours.

“The servers will shut down for a scheduled weekly maintenance on Tuesday, March 15 at 09:00 AM CET, 04:00 AM EDT, 1:00 AM PDT. Estimated downtime is approximately 3 hours. Thanks for your patience during this downtime.”

At this time, Ubisoft Massive has not yet specified exactly what the maintenance will address. In addition to some standard server tweaks that should improve overall game performance, the maintenance will also likely introduce several bug fixes and balance changes to The Division‘s live servers. These kinds of changes are typical for maintenance periods attached to online titles, especially for recently released ones.

The Division character

The game’s developer also confirmed that fans should expect a similar downtime to hit Tom Clancy’s: The Division each and every week as Ubisoft plans to perform a scheduled maintenance on a weekly basis. So far, the team is staying true to that schedule after announcing the title’s second maintenance period is as many weeks.

The first scheduled maintenance for The Division took place shortly after the game launched last week and took the servers down for two hours. As The Inquisitr reported at the time, the downtime actually fixed a well-known issue that users were encountering early in the game. For the first day, players had to access a computer inside of one of The Division’s many safe houses to activate their character. However, a bug prevented most from being able to progress past this stage without having to repeatedly exit and log back into the game.

The Division cover system

With this first server fix, Ubisoft Massive established a precedent that should leave gamers anticipating more solutions to in-game problems in future maintenance periods for Tom Clancy’s: The Division. As such, users can expect more changes coming with tomorrow’s scheduled downtime, since this week’s maintenance will even be longer than the game’s initial downtime.

In addition to trying to keep the game stable and balanced with weekly scheduled maintenance times, the developer will also take the game down for for quick fixes from time to time. Ubisoft did just that over the past weekend with a series of brief rolling restarts on Saturday morning.

Besides giving the well-populated online servers for The Division a chance to cycle for performance and stability reasons, the team also introduced a few balance changes to the game. Primarily, the server restarts lowered the amount of Phoenix Credits that players could receive from boss drops within the Dark Zone’s player-vs-player map. This change was made after some players were able to acquire far more of the title’s end-game equipment than Ubisoft had anticipated.

Tom Clancy’s: The Division is an ambitious MMO Shooter that strives to provide content for users regardless of how they want to play the game. Those wanting to simply have a story-based experience can choose to only play through the The Division’s single player story campaign. The title also includes a series of co-op story missions that allows players to team up to take on various challenges. The Division also tries to satisfy fans wanting a competitive, head-to-head fight with other players with the inclusion of the Dark Zone which allows people to go rogue and attack fellow users. Like many new online game launches, players can expect Ubisoft to continually balance the various parts of the game based on user feedback.

What part of Tom Clancy’s: The Division have you enjoyed most so far?

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