Ron Goldman’s Family Still Upset Over ‘The People V. OJ Simpson’ Series

Ron Goldman’s family is still angered over the portrayal, or lack thereof, of Ron Goldman. As we know, Ron Goldman, a waiter, went to return his friend Nicole Brown Simpson’s glasses, when he witnessed the struggle between she and her killer. Trying to help, Goldman ended up being a second victim, with multiple stab wounds to his torso.

Through The People V. O.J. Simpson, the mini-series headed up by American Horror Story creator Ryan Murphy, they made mention of the murders but don’t really focus on Goldman or Simpson in terms of the character traits they possessed while living. Instead, the mini-series, has focused on the “did he or didn’t he” spectacle. The “he” in question is O.J. Simpson, who is being portrayed by Cuba Gooding Jr.

Throughout the entire run of the series, the Goldman family — especially Ron’s sister, who is given multiple opportunities to speak publicly about the case, the murders of Ron and Nicole, and their dissatisfaction with how the storytellers have choosen to depict the events surrounding the trial of the century — have been at the center of these discussions.

Recently, Ron Goldman’s father, Fred Goldman, and Ron’s sister, Kim Goldman, sat down with Steve Harvey for an interview about their feelings on everything. According to the Goldmans, the mini-series isn’t giving people a different look into the trial, but instead is exposing the families to more hurt and pain.

Kim Goldman explained in the following statement.

“I don’t know what the probative value is of the show. It’s everywhere all over again and people are, ‘Oh, the acting is riveting and this is such a great plot line,’ and I’m thinking, ‘These are murders.”

She continued as follows.

“This show just kind of ripped the Band-Aid right back off, poured gallons of salt in it, and then they’re gonna put the Band-Aid off and they’re going to leave us to be. And I think it’s really insensitive to not have considered the families at all throughout this process.”

Prior to sitting down with Steve Harvey, Ron’s sister Kim Goldman spoke out on the Today show after the first episode aired. At the time, she was disappointed with what the mini-series missed in its telling of the murders of Ron Goldman and Nicole Brown Simpson.

“What I think is unfortunately going to get lost in this is that my brother was doing a good deed. And [he] walked in on what we believe was a horrific crime and he didn’t run. They don’t show that in this and that really sucks. My brother could’ve run and saved his own life and he stayed to help his friend. I want people to remember my brother was a hero.”

Throughout the 20 years that the case has been in the headlines, the Goldmans remain convinced that O.J. Simpson murdered Ron and Nicole Brown Simpson. This assumption is a popular one, despite Simpson being acquitted of the charges. That said, he did lose the civil case and was ordered to pay $25 million dollars, which the Goldmans insist they haven’t seen since the ruling all those years ago.

As for Cuba Gooding Jr., who’s received rave reviews of his portrayal, he only has one wish for the Goldman family.

“I just hope that they find some peace because I can’t imagine what they’re going through.”

He continued with the following note.

“I don’t pretend to try to understand what any of this means to either the Goldmans or the Browns, but I’m an actor. I was asked to do a role. Hopefully I brought some truth to it and that will help in the process of understanding the circus that was this time in America.”

[Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images]