Was Selena Gomez Behind Charlie Puth’s Justin Bieber Diss?

Charlie Puth may have apologized for calling out Justin Bieber at a recent concert, but it sounds like there may be more behind his recent Bieber diss.

Hollywood Life is alleging that Puth’s hit “We Don’t Talk Anymore,” which features Bieber’s ex-girlfriend Selena Gomez, has morphed into a song about Justin and Selena’s rocky relationship and eventual break-up, which is supposedly what inspired Charlie to fire back at Justin at a recent concert.

According to an inside source who spoke to Hollywood Life, the real reason Puth shouted “F*** you, Justin Bieber” before performing the song in Dallas, Texas, on March 11 is because of Charlie’s past candid chats with Selena.

The insider revealed that Puth has been talking to Gomez about her split in recent months and believes that “We Don’t Talk Anymore” “fits perfectly” with their former romance so much that Justin and Selena’s break-up has allegedly become Puth’s new inspiration for the song.

“[Charlie] has since seen that the song is basically all about everything Justin and Selena went through. All the things that Selena told Charlie in the collaboration process about Justin really stuck, and Charlie is siding with Selena’s part of the story,” the insider told the site of why Puth decided to call out Justin last week.

As for the on-stage diss, the source admitted that Puth was planning on calling out Bieber in some way “eventually,” because his candid conversations with Gomez about her past relationship with the singer while the two worked on the song “really spoke to him.”

The insider went on to confirm to Hollywood Life that Charlie isn’t exactly Justin Bieber’s biggest fan and added that Puth “certainly doesn’t like the games he played with Selena.”

The drama between Charlie Puth, Justin Bieber, and Selena Gomez first spilled over when Puth exclaimed “F*** you, Justin Bieber” during a performance of the song at a Texas concert last week, something that Charlie has since apologized for in a series of deleted tweets.

After a fan captured the live moment and uploaded it online following the show, Charlie issued two lengthy apologies for his remarks on his official Twitter page, although both have since been taken down.

Puth initially wrote in his first social media apology that he was a “massive Justin Bieber fan” and added that he “has nothing but great things to say about him and his music always.” Charlie then described his comments as being an “inside joke” that had been taken the wrong way before writing on the 140-character site, “I am very sorry if I offended anyone, and mostly to Justin.”

“His work is inspiring,” Puth continued in the now deleted tweets, adding, “I would never intentionally or publicly bash him.”

But while Puth’s tweets have since been removed from his social media pages, this isn’t the first time Charlie has opened up about the similarities “We Don’t Talk Anymore” has with Bieber and Selena’s former relationship.

Charlie previously admitted that he felt Selena Gomez “fit so well” with the song following her tumultuous past romance with Bieber, which is why he asked her to team up with him for the mid-tempo duet last year.

“I think it fits so well for Selena to be on [the song] because everyone knows what she went through,” Charlie told Metro earlier this year, hinting at Gomez’s break-up with Justin. “I think everyone has had those relationships where you’re obsessed with that one person, but then you break it off peacefully, but it’s changed. You can’t talk to them like friends anymore. You can say you want to remain friends, but it’s easier said than done. It’s heartbreaking.”

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[Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images]