Jennifer Del Rio: '16 And Pregnant' Star Flees Florida To Escape Abuse, Files For Sole Custody Of Children

Nathan Francis

Jennifer Del Rio, the star of MTV's "16 and Pregnant," has fled her home in Florida and moved more than 1,000 miles away to escape an abusive boyfriend and is now filing for sole custody of her children.

The person Del Rio is fleeing, Joshua Smith, is also the father of her children. The two are no strangers to domestic disputes, the Christian Post reports. More than a year ago Del Rio was accused of assaulting Smith, though Del Rio claims that she was set up by Smith.

Jennifer Del Rio's exodus from Florida was reportedly over the safety of her children. She appeared in Lake County, Ill., where she filed for sole custody of her 2-year-old twins. Del Rio claims that she is sole caregiver to the children--feeding them, bathing them and grooming them--so it is in their interest to stay with her, TMZ reported.

Jennifer Del Rio claims that joint custody is out of the question because of Joshua's history of domestic abuse, TMZ reported.

Smith has claims of his own. He accused Jennifer Del Rio of being a "compulsive liar" last year and said the she tricked him into getting her pregnant so she could appear on the MTV reality show, the Christian Post reported.

Back in March the "16 and Pregnant" star announced her split with Smith. A follow-up special on MTV, "16 and Pregnant: Where Are They Now," revealed that Jenifer Del Rio didn't feel like she or her twin babies were safe in Florida and that she had moved from there to Chicago.

Jennifer Del Rio files for sole custody of 2-year-old twins

Jennifer Deo Rio has extended family in the Windy City, where she earned her GED and started school. She also started an organization to help teen mothers. At the time Del Rio gave no indication that the move was intended to be permanent.