Kenya Moore Says Footage Of Porsha Williams' 'Very Violent' Fight To Air On 'RHOA' Reunion

Viewers of The Real Housewives of Atlanta will apparently see Porsha Williams attack another woman a second time. As the season 8 finale episode aired on Sunday night, Porsha's co-star, Kenya Moore, tweeted that footage of Porsha getting into a fight during the party that was shown on the finale episode will be shown on the upcoming reunion show.

The season finale episode, which showed Phaedra Parks throwing a Christmas party, did not show Porsha getting into any kind of negative drama. A viewer tweeted that it looks as if Bravo is ignoring that Porsha got into another fight during filming.

Kenya told the viewer to stay tuned as the footage of the fight will be shown on the reunion show. Kenya added that the footage is "very violent."
What is this fight that the viewer and Kenya are talking about? In December, 2015, Radar Online reported that during filming for the last cast event, Porsha got into a fight with a friend. The friend brought a date, who did not get along with Porsha.
"Something about him set Porsha off. Porsha and Jami exchanged words, and then came a push."
According to the source, the fight escalated to the point where Porsha pulled out some of her friend's weave and tossed it to the ground. Eventually, things settled down and police were not called to the scene to help.

TMZ reported that Porsha, who had some kind "bad blood" with the date, first tried to get the friend kicked out of the party. When the friend left the venue, Porsha followed her out, shoved her to the ground, punched her, and pulled her hair. TMZ also reported that Bravo's cameras missed the fight.

Perhaps the fact that Bravo's cameras missed the fight is the reason why it wasn't shown on the season 8 finale episode? Yet according to Kenya, footage of the fight was shown during the reunion filming. Perhaps the show's producers later got a hold of some footage filmed by a witness?

In what may have been a reference to Porsha's fight, NeNe Leakes tweeted last Thursday that there will be "shocking footage" revealed at the reunion.

A preview of the reunion shows Porsha Williams and Kenya Moore having a very tense moment with one another. Kenya tells Porsha to be quiet, since she doesn't know what she's saying unless she's using her mouth to pleasure a man.
"You need to shut your mouth Porsha. If there's not a d**k in it, you don't know what you're saying."
In response to a viewer who expressed shock at what Kenya told Porsha at the reunion, Porsha replied that Kenya is "trash."
The preview shows that even NeNe gets into a little tiff with Porsha. NeNe, perhaps in reference to the Christmas party fight, tells Porsha that she can not put her hands on another person, to which Porsha quickly replies, "Didn't you choke somebody?"

Porsha's reply to NeNe was in reference to NeNe's drama years ago with former co-star Kim Zolciak. In July, 2009, E! News reported that Kim filed a police report against NeNe, claiming that NeNe grabbed her neck and "tried to choke her out" during an argument that took place in April of that year.

On The Real Housewives of Atlanta season 6 reunion show, Porsha actually physically attacked Kenya. With Cynthia Bailey sitting between them, Kenya yelled at Porsha, first with a scepter and then a megaphone. Kenya and Porsha hurled insults and called one another nasty names. Porsha got up and went towards Kenya. Kenya dared Porsha to touch her. Porsha did just that, grabbing Kenya by her hair, pulling her down to the stage, and dragging her across the floor.

On the season 7 reunion show, Kenya accused Porsha of being with a married man for money. Porsha denied the accusation. As the Inquisitr reported, as the reunion show aired, Porsha accused Kenya of being with a married man herself.

It seems that Porsha Williams tried hard to not have a repeat of what happened on the season 6 reunion show happen on the season 8 reunion show. After Bravo released the preview for the upcoming The Real Housewives of Atlanta season 8 reunion show, Porsha shared a photo of herself with Phaedra Parks having fun on the reunion set. Porsha shared that she was "unbothered" at the reunion.

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