‘Hot Migrants’ Instagram Account Draws Criticism — And 2,431 Followers

Leave it to the social media to create an Instagram account out of any crisis. Enter the “Hot Migrants” Instagram account, which has a fire emoji avatar and describes itself as a place where people can appreciate the beauty of the men leaving their homelands to travel to Europe.

“Hot Migrants: Handsome men on their journey to Europe. Their countries might be falling apart but their sex appeal still goes strong. Follow & Share”

With 30 posts as of this writing, the “Hot Migrants” Instagram account has attracted 2,431 followers, with the Instagram account itself following 912 other Instagram accounts. The “Hot Migrants” Instagram account published the first photo of a good-looking man crossing between Greece and Macedonia as its first photo one week ago. Therefore, in approximately seven days, the “Hot Migrants” Instagram account has attracted a fast following.

Handsome fella at the border crossing between Greece and Macedonia #greatsmile #hotmen

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Whereas some might see the “Hot Migrants” Instagram account as a funny way to quip about a serious situation, others see it as a controversial way to make light of the migrant crisis. In the first photo shown above, migrants don thermal blankets and other fare to try and deal with heavy rain in the region. The migrants walked along railroad tracks on Sunday, March 13, as the inclement weather hindered them near the Greek border.

The conditions in the refugee camp near the Greek-Macedonian border have gotten worse, with approximately 14,000 stranded therein.

According to the Daily Mail, the “Hot Migrants” Instagram account has divided the Internet between those who see the account as something that takes advantage of those pictured.

Frustrated with the Macedonian border closure #idomeni #migrantcrisis #syrianrefugees

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Indeed, while some may agree that the migrants featured on “Hot Migrants” are good-looking, the wonder is whether suffering migrants are being objectified by their looks. Others might agree that the “Hot Migrants” Instagram account is a good way to bring attention to the Syrian and Afghan refugee crisis.

Boat rescue survivor #migrantcrisis

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With pensive photos of some men — one of them having survived a boat rescue — the “Hot Migrant” Instagram account also includes plenty of cheeky captions.

Crossed the Aegean? ✔ Looking flawless in Lesbos? ✔ ✔ ✔

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The writing on some of the photos on the Instagram account does prove to be humorous — the stuff of quippy copywriting fare. And the “Hot Migrants” account does make one wonder how people can appear so attractive in such horrible living conditions.

If the “Hot Migrants” Instagram account offers a deeper redemption, hopefully it would be that the world views the migrants beyond their “pretty in pink” looks or “migrant Wolverine” appearance or one with “quite the seductive stare.”

#afghan migrant arriving by sea, his hotness can't flee #tagsforlikes

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One thing proven by the popular “Hot Migrants” account is that the Instagram account creator used the kinds of tactics that some social media experts recommend to grow popular, such as including the “tagforlikes” hashtag in some posts.

While the maker of the “Hot Migrants” account is anonymous, the Daily Mail reports that the creator of the account spoke of finding comedy in such a tragedy. As witnessed by the “Hot Migrants” Instagram account descriptions, the writer does indeed have a funny way with words.

Stuck at the ????station back when you could catch a train #hot #beard #onfleek

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That funny way of writing extends to the hashtags used in some of the “Hot Migrants” Instagram posts, such as the one showing a man stuck at the train station with his “hot beard on fleek.”

Quite the seductive stare #hot #arab #syrian #beardlife #greece #migrantcrisis

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Another migrant is praised for living the “beard life” in Greece.

Perhaps the photo of a man “waiting handsomely for a better life” takes it too far — or represents exactly why these men are found so attractive, because the man holds a little girl in his arms.

Getting off the ferry from the Greek islands to the mainland #syrian #migrantcrisis #migrants #beardlife

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Another man on the “Hot Migrants” account is said to be fresh off the ferry from the Greek Islands.

[AP Photo/Vadim Ghirda]