Andre Johnson Injury: Houston WR To Sit Out A Week After Suffering Groin Strain

ESPN is reporting that Houston Texans wide receiver Andre Johnson will miss at least a week of practice after he sustained a minor groin injury in the team’s second morning workout on Sunday.

Johnson, who missed nine regular-season games during 2011 due to hamstring injuries and three in 2010 because of an ankle sprain, reportedly fell awkwardly while running a route Sunday and had an MRI exam later in the day that showed a “mild strain.”

“My groin tightened up on me,” Johnson told reporters afterwards. “It just got tight, and I guess after everything I went through last season, they just wanted me to get an MRI to make sure everything wasn’t worse than it was. I hit the ground pretty hard stretching out for a ball, and it just tightened up.

“It’s just a minor strain. It will be a week or so, and I’ll be back out here. Nothing that I’m not used to. It was very frustrating, but like I said, it happens. I wish I had some control over it, but, unfortunately, I don’t. Just keep working and try to get better.”

Coach Gary Kubiak said Johnson, who underwent arthroscopic knee surgery in May, was removed from practice “as a precaution,” but should recover quickly based on his reaction to the strain.

“I felt pretty good, because he wanted to go back out there,” Kubiak said Sunday afternoon. “When a guy is telling you that, I don’t think it’s too bad.”

ESPN adds that just hours after the injury on Sunday, Johnson wasn’t even walking with a limp. He said he’ll know “in a few days” when he’ll be able to return to practice.

“Everybody’s just saying, ‘Just be smart about it,’ ” Johnson said. “You don’t want to rush in, come back out here and have something happen again. We’ll be smart about it, and see what happens.”

via ESPN