Will Smith Takes Pic With ‘Hamilton’ Star Lin-Manuel Miranda, Shares 9-Word Review

Actor Will Smith recently saw Hamilton and joined the growing list of celebrities that have applauded and spoke highly of the Broadway musical.

The two-time Oscar nominee apparently saw Hamilton with his wife, Jada Pinkett Smith, Saturday night in New York City. He and Jada took a picture after the show with the musical’s star Lin-Manuel Miranda and shared the photo on Facebook Sunday.

Will Smith Hamilton
(Photo Credit: Will Smith Facebook)

Within the photo’s caption, Will Smith shared a simple 9-word review of Hamilton that more than likely spoke volumes to the 75 million people that follow his page.

“Without question the best show I’ve ever seen!!”

Will Smith has never starred in a Broadway musical before, but his overall opinion of Hamilton does go a long way for several different reasons. First and foremost, Smith is an award-winning actor that has been nominated for Golden Globes and Oscars multiple times throughout his Hollywood career.

On the other side of the spectrum, Will Smith’s successful career as an award-winning rapper also speaks volumes about his interest in Hamilton since it is primarily known for its creative blend of U.S history and hip-hop music.

However, Smith is definitely not the first celebrity that has made a public statement about Hamilton since the award-winning musical first hit the Broadway stage last year.

Three-time Tony host Rosie O’Donnell did not hesitate to share her thoughts about the Broadway musical in February during an interview on The Late Late Show with James Corden, according to Entertainment Weekly. When asked for any advice to share with Corden – the confirmed host for this year’s Tony Awards ceremony, O’Donnell essentially placed Hamilton on a pedestal without delay.

“This year, you need to practice saying, ‘And the Tony goes to…Hamilton!”

O’Donnell and Corden made headlines during the same interview with an impromptu duet performance of the musical’s opening number, “Alexander Hamilton.”

A vast number of other celebrities – including movie stars and musicians alike – have used social media to promote Hamilton with their own reviews to their respective followers after they saw the Broadway musical themselves.

President Barack Obama discussed Hamilton during an interview with author Marilynne Robinson for the New York Review of Books, according to Entertainment Weekly. The U.S. President witnessed a sneak preview of sorts years ago when Lin-Manuel Miranda performed what would become the musical’s opening number at a White House poetry jam.

During his interview with Marilynne, he made it clear that the concept of Hamilton “sounds initially like it would not work at all.” However, according to Obama, that is exactly why the musical is “brilliant.”

“It speaks to this vibrancy of American democracy, but also the fact that it was made by these living, breathing, flawed individuals who were brilliant… But what’s most important about [Hamilton] and why I think it has received so many accolades is it makes it live. It doesn’t feel distant. And it doesn’t feel set apart from the arguments that we’re having today. And Michelle and I, when we went to see it, the first thing we thought about was what could we do to encourage this kind of creativity in teaching history to our kids.”

Less than one year after making its Broadway debut, Hamilton has already started adding awards to its list of box-office milestones and accolades. Moments after an epic performance of the show’s opening number during the Grammy award ceremony last month, Hamilton was named the winner of the “Best Musical Theater Album” award.

Chances are that, when the 2016 Tony Award nomination list is announced live on Friday, April 29 in New York City, Hamilton will be announced several times.

[Image Credit: Theo Wargo/Getty Images]